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Past Dew

I actually posted most of this (minus last part of sentance) on Friday. Oops...

So my kid is smart, super smart. Not only was he the only one out of 40 kids to get 100% on big and small letters and numbers, but he manipulates and twists the world around him to get what he wants. Well, at least when dad is not around. That crap rarely flies with me.

Actually, I am happy to hear that my hard work is paying off. I know I am not the only one who has put forth a lot of effort towards my child. I can only account for my actions and what I do, specifically now that he lives a second life away from me. Of course, I really go as far back as before he was even born. I know they say that talking and playing music for your unborn helps improve, and while usually one would note “who is they?”, I cannot help but think that helped out greatly. Also, there are many dads who are known to not be all that active in their young child’s life, especially when it deals with two people who are not really together. It brings me a sense of pride and purpose of existence to know I was not one of those people. I could have opted out of the whole process. I choose not to. I imagine if I really had to thank anyone, it would be my mother. I do not think I would have the views and thoughts that I do in life if it was not for her. My dad, he is a special case. He loves me, he is great, however, I think the wanting kids and emotional side come from her. I feel my father gave me logic. Logical father and emotional mother equals... um... me.

I wonder if I told a customer that they sounded very attractive and sexy if that would opt for "ending on positive note" in my OB's? I think it should. Maybe my customer do not want to have a good day. I mean my Social Sim has a bad mood potion, and some people certainly seem to enjoy being in bad moods, so maybe my customers want to have a crappy day. If I tell them to have a good day, I am doing the opposite that my customer wants. BUTT FUDDER!!

So, I got paid today and was looking to kill off some bills. After doing even more millions (two) of transfers of money to here and there, it turned out I was about $10 short of paying off my Discover Card right now. I had to laugh. I have been stressing a bit with finances due to, oh, that $620.54 floating in space that would have taken CARE of this problem, just to be short $10... that I have, and belongs to me... I just cannot touch it for about 55 days or so since it will mean cancelling a check that I will end up getting a $25 charge for, despite the fact that NationCrap changed their address, and ING sent it to the wrong place. I could have paid that card, and I could have paid another, and would have had only one left that could have been paid during the next check. Now, instead, I am going to end up getting a flipping finance charge. My only possible saving grace would be to mail back the check sent to me to the right address. Ug, all that non-electronic work, I have no clue how I will manage.

So, I was talking a lot about finances at work. At the rate I am going, it is "guessed" that I will get to retire with $123k a year if I go at 65. I think 65 is the retirement year. I honestly do not want to go that late. My word that is forever from now. I want to enjoy the ending part of my life. So that goal is totally out of reach. I am glad that I am vested in my ESPP. Getting common stock at a 25% discount is a lot better when your stock is higher as it is now, if it ends up going up. Enough about money, let's talk about technology.

Dear word... Picard keeps talking about wanting to update. For once in my life, I was proactive and I did some research on-line about the update. It appears they want to update to Gingerbread. It would also seem while my rooted phone should not be an issue, having removed Verizon bloatware might be. I guess they like to ensure their shitty crappy almost useless software is on as many devices as possible. This means that I am going to have to restock the device if I want to do the update, even though I am not really sure I want to update to begin with. Silly me removed stock programs without backing up. Guess I will finger that out better in the future, eh?

... and the Worst Father of the Year Award Goes to...

From my understand, and I may be wrong on this, every parent at some point in his or her life goes through that "I am not ever having kids again" or "why in the world did I have another kid". While this may be true, minus those exceptionally psychotic special parents, my own internal programming will not allow the scapegoating of how to parent a kid befall onto my own persona. So, my record stands, I went a total of 799 days before the though "I am not ever having kids again" with Jarin.

The addition towards the award is the fact that each time I disciplined him, I did so not to "correct" a behavior but to "feel better". See, there are three reasons that one will do any sort of discipline towards a child. Either they are attempting to correct a behavior, or they are releasing frustration, or they are being forced by a third party. So, Jarin got four trips to his room, and a swat on his butt for "misbehaving". Maybe if I was not dead tired and simply wanting to take a 10 min nap in the living room, he would not have gotten these treats.

Onto his actual behavior. I guess for some time now, Jarin will cry, whine, and throw a fit for what appears to be no apparent reason. He asks to go in the high chair, so I put him in the highchair. He asks to get down. He will then repeat this process over and over. Then he asks for juice. Juice is not good enough, he wants water. Water does not work he wants neither, then he wants them, then he doesn't, and repeatedly over and over again. I figured he was just attempting to drive me beyond any form of insanity known by man or Madd.

It finally took his last trip to "time out" (which in Reality was dad's chance to take a shower). After the shower, I felt a little more myself, and in turn, Jarin seem to snap out. Is it possible that he just was picking up on my icky state and repeating it through example? A very high probability since not only for the rest of the day before my work was he super good, eating his food, and not whining, but for the first time ever since being a dad, he actually cried when I attempted to leave.

So while I recovered well from turned out to be a bad morning, I still cannot yet by the fact that I Alec Baldwin'ed my kid. Maybe next time I should just make him a Madd Margie(tm) and enjoy total peace and quite. Hmm, maybe not.