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ATHF mooninites


Okay technology, you have won this round (and you kicked my butt harder than usualy yesterday with my attempts at makign a post from my phone).

It turns out that my shiney new laptop is a shiney new paper weight. The OS on it seems to have... dissapeared. I was attempting to find out how to do a system restore. I have not had this much problem in a long time. Most computers today have a recovery partition. Not this one. I made discs, well, I had no clue how to use them. I found out how to use them when I was looking about. When I got to the question, "Doing this will F your drive information, are you sure you want to?" I did what I figured I should. I clicked cancel. Seems logical as opposed to NEXT. Well, it hung up, and when it rebooted, it tells me to put a bootable drive in (paraphrased).

Thank you, thank you much. Those extra pictures of Jarin and stuff like that, sure, I didn't want them...

Protect Mode Off

I would say I have nothing, however as I am writing something then obviously I have something. *shrugs* I just cannot get my brain together. I remember back in the day when it was virtually independent. Maybe I really am crazy.

Soda a Cap in Your Arm

Today's oddity, new and improved. Something that is improved already existed and has been updated. Something that is new had not existed before. So, if something is new and improved, then you have "a bunch of nothing that is even better than before!" Yes, welcome to Earth.

So Jarin is getting better at his games, for the most part. It is certainly fun watching him play Infamous. In the past he has actually laid the smack down (as opposed to laying smackdown), however he generally runs around and jumps and climbs buildings. It is funny because he does the hand motion of taking the controller and jerking it to the right. This is the same type of behavior, I believe, that came to the invention of motion sensor controllers. People would so get into the game, that they would move the controller in the direction they wanted to go, despite the fact, back in the day, this did nothing more than make you look absolutely silly. Well, Jarin looks absolutely adorable doing it, however, this game does not incorporate motion control.

I am tired.

I hope Stingray hurries the heck up and gets some time off soon. POWER OUT!

There is a problem accessing my house remotely. Ah yes the wonders of technology. I have noticed something strange with Madd Radio for a little now, however thought it was just the computer (Aeon) being its usually dumb self. Well, it turns out that I can listen to my radio locally, so, it is something else. Then I attempted to access the home.madd74.com and noticed it did not connect. I think it was shown that the last time there was an IP update was... um... long ago. I hope I remember to look at it. Many people are being deprived the ability to listen to my cool game + Al tunes. What will the Internet do? So I had to switch to a Floyd Net Station. I have absolutely no complaints about what I am hearing...