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Profile update October 2008

Madd Martin L Kroeger
9 December 1974
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I hurt...
420, a nice pair, a saucerful of secrets, alcohol, animals, anime, aqua teen hunger force, arrested development, atom heart mother, bakkus, beer, blood, bud light, cartoon network, cartoons, castlevania, celebrity jeopardy, chatting, chess, chocolate, classic rock, comfortably numb, computers, cubs, cuddling, curiosity, d&d, danger mouse, david gilmour, death, deep forest, delicate sound of thunder, des moines, dreams, driving, dsl, dvd, dvds, eating, existance, exploring, explosions, family, ff1, ff4, ff5, ff6, ff7, ff8, fight club, final fantasy, floyd, foreplay, gameboy, gaming, gary oldman, god, gradius, gradius iii, greek mythology, holding, holy grail, honesty, html, humor, insanity, interacting, iowa, james bond, java joes, johd, kissing, learning., lego, letting go, life, life force, lifeforce, lunar, madd, massage, mc chris, meddle, meeting people, mental stimulation, mirrors, momentary lapse of reason, monopoly, monty python, movies, mp3, multimedia, music, n64, nakedness, nature, nes, nick mason, obscured by clouds, on-line role playing, open-mindedness, openess, parties, personality, philosophy, pictures, pinball, pink floyd, playstation, programming, promises, psychology, reality, relics, richard wright, road trips, roger waters, sagittarius, sarcasm, shine on, sigma 6, simpsons, skinny dipping, snes, socrates, space, space monkey, star kingdoms, star trek, stone temple pilots, stp, swimming, syd barrett, telecommunication, tetris, the abdabs, the final cut, the human mind, the megadeaths, the wall, traveling, ummagumma, v, video games, wilderness, wish you were here, writing, x-files,