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I am drunk, very, hehehe... and I am happy to report as such that drunk am I. Sure , now sex and no nothing but that is fine because drunk is better even though room spinning ouch hurt leg betrter now I like cheese and smell like towel not sure how much longer awake before pass out since I am drunk and you are drunk and we are all drunk sex with kittens are only okay in 2 states this not one of them thus will listen to music... yeah oh baby this games rocks streets of rage last girfriend could ply tis like no on'e business and now madd wishes to play it and kick arse so I play then get back to programming

Human tpye to me but all I see is underwear hahaha... me likes drunk I think I save this one for dollar days (written some point Thursday morning)

Oh wow!! I wrote that?  -lol- Wow I think I am still drunk.  Not hung over, but drunk, very.  My subconscious apparently does not know "Devil Went to Jamacia" yet... heh heh, that is fine.

Wow, JOHD, I was drunk, did you pick up on that before I passed out?  Hey, on the good news, only the living room light was left on, and I did NOT wake up naked!!  Whoohoo!!  Score points for Madd!  However, I did massively pass out.  That means I did not get my prayer in, and I did not get my teeth taken care of.  Oh well on the teeth.  Sex with kittens?!?  Oh my word what is wrong with me.  Hmm... looks like I never made it to Streets of Rage, however, I at least now remember playing the music, hahahaha.  THAT is why I woke to music.

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