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Darn Those Humans!! - JOHD

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Sep 2nd, 2003

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02:51 - Darn Those Humans!!

Blarg!!  All this time, behind my own flippin' nose.  All this time... you know, I would not have ever made the connection, ever.  hAhAhA!!  Sandy, vengence shall be mine.

Okay, so, since Nov 16th 2001... a fellow classmate has known of my existance on the realm of on-line entertainment... and yet... never did I know it her.  I remember Sandy rather well.  There are only a handful of Trojan's who I do remember from the same class.  It was always more humans knowing me than me knowing them.  I guess I figured it out because of the reunion site and the pictures and everything else like that.

Why she truly never got back to me... well... I may never know.

Bed it a good thing.  Of course, I am attempting to figure out why I am naked, since I am not drunk, there is no one else around, and I am not even attempting to take advantage of myself for a change.  I don't like naked, JOHD, I just do not.  It is not a safe state for males.  What if I get up suddenly, and I am parked half way underneth the keyboard tray?  Yeah... or what if I start thinking of hotties, and without looking, walk into a wall?  See, now with underwear, and I mean tighty whities, everything keeps in check.  The only time someone should be naked is if they are showering, swiming, or having sex... heck, even having sex I tend to have more fun with at least underwear on...

Go figure... oh wait, I forgot masturbation.  Naked is good for that.  Madd... your not in bed yet... please get ready and go there now, thank you, and remember the following for this waking day for me:

end of Spiderman, Harry Blotter, returning from Myles, not being ready for bed but paying respect to the Man Upstairs, the Monopoly dream with her and being naked, getting my charger, going to Mair's with no one there, setting everything up, drinking beer, playing SSBM, taking out Dave, many hours of Soul Calaber 2, learning how to spell that name, wanting that game massive on GameCube for Link, fun with infinate life and time, returning to pad, FFO1, BoF2/Gp, FFO2 right into this actual day, coming to the Jason Vs Freddy forum, checking out the info on Alien Vs Preditor and Resident Evil 2 and some other movie, not going to bed like suppose to, the fact that at some point two days ago I caught up with my LJ comments, the fact I have my todo list to do, and the fact that I just got an invite at 245a in the flippin' morning to go lick someone and drink beer that could have come about 4 hours sooner seeing as that I work in almost 10 hours.

Nighty Night, JOHD...
Current Mood: out there
Current Music: fan and FFO2 overworld in background

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Date:Sep 2nd, 2003 01:01 (UTC)
*kiss* I work in about five, what's your point? *gryn*


Somebody ELSE invited you to lick 'em and drink beer. :P

Good night, dear heart.
[User Picture]
Date:Sep 14th, 2003 13:57 (UTC)
my point is not in your mouth at this time

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