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Setting the Record Straight - JOHD

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Aug 30th, 2003

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13:00 - Setting the Record Straight
In no way, shape, or form did Gretl "taddle" on anyone.  Using my SUPERIOR elements of mind control, I was able to FORCE this information from her without her even realizing it.

Actually... a question was asked, the one all of you humans guilty could have asked me, in that, "Do you think you consciously attempt to control me?"  Gretl, being my best friend, and some-what understanding me, most likely knew I would give an HONEST answer to the question, in which case, I got the information from that.

So don't go off thinking she ratted anyone out.

For anyone who read that post and thought it, I'll point out it's just your attempt to shift any blame from yourself to her.

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[User Picture]
Date:Aug 31st, 2003 15:33 (UTC)

Herbal Essances??!

naw no commercial posing here.. was just luxuriating...
If you want to see the whole pic it is here:


its kinda nudie but who isnt in the shower?
[User Picture]
Date:Aug 31st, 2003 17:07 (UTC)

Re: Herbal Essances??!

there was one time I was not nudie in the shower... so that is you, do you take pictures like that for a living?

that is actually a really good picture (and I do not mean it just because there is some naked woman in it). I like the way the water is captured against the body, especially the hands area and the stomach

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