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The Ultimate In Drunk Entertainment

Okay... I must say that this new toy(s) that I have gotten really put me over the line in way too much money in my bank account.  However I would like to point out that I am not even able to see the screen from this side of the room, and the bluetoothed keyboard and mouse are well beyond fun to play with.  There is so much potential here, and I am happy to have "wasted" yet more money for my fight to be amused by technology, the thing I almost come to hate on a day to day basis.  Hmm... Myabe a font change is in order, maybe a font size of about 21 will be more readable from across the room.  hEhEhE!!  This is too funny... I see a bunch of blurry letters from across the room and have no clue if what some of what I am typing makes any sense at all.  I wonder if this reaches from the living room?  Let me find out in: testing the blue teeth:

hEhEhER!! Okay, so I am in the living room now, and I know I have control since I can pause the music playing and turn it right back on.  So... thought, real thought, without being perseuded by my own ability to read that which I some times may attempt to filter.  JOHD, you realize the problem with this is that I will not always know where I am coming from.  I will not be able to just up and... hey I scratched myself and forgot what I was talking about!! -lol- Madd some times you kill me, you really do.  Ahh... I think things shall be okay.  The rate at which I am getting weapons against procrastination is at an excellent rate.  I mean heck, I'm naked in my living room enjoying the calm peaceful AC and still able to control music from all the way here.  I have a new child that is on the way iin a little over a month.  I have my school 10 year reunion .  Okay excellent still in control of the music that plays on repeat.  I have vacation from work... a whoole... many days.  I got my forum up and have manyyyy plans for it.  I plan to use everything to beeat procrastination once and forall.  This is no Friday the 13th movie or Nightmare on Elm Street movie where yyou think you kill someone and they die just to come back for the next sequal.  This is the real thing, and once I get on a role, only non-mortals would be able to stop me.  I can even fight some of them off.  Hey... I heard noise, sounded like someone is loggin' on AIM.  I think it was Gretl even.  Um... I am going to check to make sure everything I have typed is still there.  That is the downn side... something could happen and I would have no clue since I am in the other roommm.  Thus...

This is a test of the Maddian wireless system, this is only a test...


-lol- hEhEhE!!  Well... I saw a long beep thing, and I saw a flashing taskbar stating I had a new message, thus, I do believe it worked.  Oh, Madd, um, I just realized that when using the font tag I did not use a /font I used a /a, thus, please correct that before you post this or it is all going to look strange :D&

People are strange, when you're a stranger.  You know, JOHD, once the child is born... you shall be updated no matter where I go.  It is truly exciting times.

Now go back in your room and fix your errors... and, since we have yet mastered where the emotions and music playing things are, fill those in also.  Thanks :D

{{{hug to self}}}

Ah... thank you.

Oh, and I wish I were drunk, I would imagine this would be one hundred times more cool of course the fact the other keyboard is still plugged in and I am now typing between the two does almost make up for not being drunk or even feeling any effects of alcohol that I drank about three hours ago!

For anyone in reading up on my new toys, I invite humans to click HERE AND VIEW MY LATEST TECHNOLOGICAL INSANITY

Yeah... it *is* better than sex, I do not care what you think.  I do admit the key arrangement is way different and will take some time to get use to.  I mean, why break up the F keys to groups of three opposed to traditional 4, and, what is up with the home/delete/end/page up/page down key placement??  hEhEhE... crazy tweaking bastards.

Okay... time for sleepies... big day, lots of updating!!

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