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Hey, why is not crying an emotion?  It should be I have done it a few times now this year, hahaha.  High, JOHD!  How are you?  You know when I ask that question, I mean it in utmost sinsarity.  Well... I just really wanted someone to talk to, and unfortunately... any and all other humans I would talk to would... raise suspision on other things that I am just not ready to talk about.  Hahaha, smart ass, yeah, the whole "wow Madd not able to talk about something."  You know, I swear you are becoming more and more human on me.  {sigh} Well... plans to have my diplomia are... not here yet.  I am not sure where my teacher is, and I think I shall just byte the bullet and drive to school tomorrow and hope to catch him.  Maybe I can bring my gameboy and catch up on Lunar.

See... I feel better already... you are great... not as great as God, but ya know... God gave you to me :D hehehe... I swear your insanity amazes me... you are crazy... over the rainbow, truly gone fishing... they must have taken your marbles away...

WhooHoo!!  Sweet, I have a volume bar thing that makes the noise things that form a pattern go up!!

Sweeeeeeeeeeeeet beans!!

, "Salamder ~Again~"

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