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Give It To Me - JOHD

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Jul 14th, 2003

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12:37 - Give It To Me
I had a conversation yesterday that was long in the making... I think I see some of the issues I have in terms with a few humans I interact with and my feelings towards them.

I miss the confidential conversations of hurt and emotionally whrecked humans who have no one else to turn to or chat with. {sigh} I mean, look at yourself, JOHD.  If I did not have emotional or personal issues... just how purposeful would you turn out to be? {sigh} If you have feelings, I would bet your feelings would be saddened if this happened to you.

However, you DON'T have that problem.  You only have the problem of procrastination, and the fact that I am the only one who really brings pain and problems to you.  Being a type of mirror reflection of myself... I have understanding of your purpose, and in turn, have so of mine.  I enjoy our relationship together, hehehe... and once again, thank you for helping me understand.
Current Mood: satisfiedsatisfied
Current Music: "Overworld" - FFO2, (background)

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