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Phazer One Complete!!

WhooHOO!!  JOHD!!  From my last conversation with you, a few hours ago, I have been able to catch up on every single comment to my email box (minus the ones regarding Arwen, those shall be tackled later tonight or tomorrow).

Of course, SOMEONE is attempting to give me more work.  That is okay, a good tickling shall teach her!

Plus, the philosophy humans are starting to stir, slowly but surely.  This is good, with school being out.  I have an endless supply of psychology and philosophy to use now!

Of course, on the very BAD side... I still have way more things to do than I can count.  JOHD is going to be addressed next... and I shall keep in mind the possible posting limit for accounts.  I unfortunately do not remember what the limits are, and I believe even a permenate account such as JOHD may have a limit.  However {sigh}, it is understood with the way some humans posts.  They would post every second if they could, causing load on the LJ community. However, I shall be started, and as part of the actual challenge, each day shall encompose at least a month.  That will catch me up, obviously.


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