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Thank You Girlfriend... - JOHD

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Jul 5th, 2003

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17:06 - Thank You Girlfriend...
... as I catch up on my back posts (aye, for you humans who write to JOHD or who write to my friends, you may get a flood of comments from me... it is catch up time, for good), a "chat" with my GIRLFRIEND from long ago made me comment and think, and in thinking, JOHD, I came to an important discovery.

As we know, I some times appear to have issues... remembering humans.  For example, I do not call many people, I do not get gifts (even when I tell myself I am going to) for humans even when they are small, and all this other stuff.

It's my mind... my damn mind that never stops racing.

I think to humans who "bitch" about the fact they are bored, and I think about how I am never bored anymore, and have not been bored for like 4 or 5 years or something like that.  I know that I am not bored because my mind is continuiously racing... I have always known this... what I did not connect together is that... my mind races so fast it "misses the exits to the people I want to think about."  Example... I want to get Jill a present, just because she is so nice to me.  It would be a simple gift bought at QT or whatever.  The fact I get her a gift is going to make her happy.  I know this, and she knows this.  I tell myself I am going to get her something next time I am at QT, since they have cool things to actually get there as gifts.  Then, I get to QT, my mind is racing with so many things, the thought gets pushed out.  It has nothing to do with her.  I mean, I forget to get things for myself, and by theory, the self is the most important person to get things for, since you are always around yourself, and are around yourself more than all other humans combined.  It is like doing 90 in a 45 and by the time you see the exit ramp to take to go where you want, you already flew by it.

I knew there was a reason to be jealous of people who have boredom...
Current Mood: accomplishedaccomplished
Current Music: "Data Selection Screen" - Metroid Prime

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