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Part One of Many

Bad Screenwriting Problems

     Uhg... I should be sleeping, I really should, but I could fall asleep and could not figure out, for the life of me, what was causing it.  Then, I realized the fact that I had passed out some time around midnight, or shorly afterwards.  Hmm... I always appear to think in backwards order.  Like those movies where you see the person tell their story, so, you know they are alive, and it frustrates you because you know no matter what happens, the person makes it, because they are telling their story.

Book of Holy Moly

     So, like, I went to work yesterday, with Bible in hand.  I realized just why so many people may fight against God, using the Bible as "this book of lies".  Genesis 1 v 28, makes God out to be some sort of chap with DID.  For those not familiar with the DSM IV, it is the "bible" of psychology.  DID is the new name for multiple personalities, and since the Bible is God's word, and God uses the plural form of I (we, us), well... I think my point is made.  It is a rather confusing book, but then I defend that book from those who think this way by asking them to play the telephone game.  That wonderful kindergarden game when one person haas this sentance, and they pass it down the line of a bunch of people, of which, some purposefully change a word, and others, just hear things wrong.  Imagine that... things heard or taken wrong.  No, that never happens Madd, and you your never do that. (Where is the sarcasim button? I thought my keyboard had one) So, I was talking to a Bible enriched person at work about this.  She asked me which translation it was.  That brings up a good point.  When you are talking about the word of God, you don't go and translate it in a million different ways.  You take the exact meaning.  I had watched Akira for the millionth (4th) time, and it was English dub, which I cannot stand.  I want Japanese with English subtitles.  For all who are not sure why, take a DVD version of Akira and put on English language with Enlgish sub titles, and explain to me why in the world they are not going together.  As far as I am concerned, it is exactly what the Bible had become.  I am not implying that God speaks Japanese, even though I am sure He can.  Well, I think I get the point.  To summerize, since I think I did not finish about 3 independant thoughts, is that the Bible is confusing.  It is so because while it may be God's words, that it was translated who knows how many times over.  Just like the telephone game.  So work was entertaining.

Generation D(runk)

     Then, being the Wednesday that it was, I went to Generations for my free drinks from 9ish to 10.  As always, the bartender greeted me with a large smile on her face, and started pouring my drinks which she read from my mind.  Well, reading the same thing over and over again for over a few years (months) really is not mind reading, but it is nice the fact she remembers me to the point I never have to scream over the loud noises what I want to drink... she just sees me, assumes I want the same thing, and pours out drinks like they were water.  Hmm... technically, it is water.  Just, funny tasting water that does crazy things to my brain. (Now? No... not yet) So, after my 10th drink, I realized just how wonderful I was feeling, and how it was about time I go to Perkins, it had been a long while since I had been there.  I called up Perkins.  Er, actually, my phone has 555-5555 and for some unknown reason, I get directory assistance, which I guess is fine by me, and after I explain that Perkins is an eating place, and the woman gives the "click-whirl" notion, I talk to them, and ONLY order the turkey and dressing that I always get for some reason.  I like the green beans for some reason.  Well, on my drive there, I was cranking up some Floyd, the one Sparky and I created, and of course, had to back track it a bit to the greatest song ever to exist.  Well... the emotional power of the song, along with the 10 drinks I had, I just had this eerie chill all over me.  It was wonderful, and had I not been driving, I would have allowed myself to float from my body.  However, that is something I have to fight with while I drive.  So, I got my food, no one was there that I knew, but I did get entertainment with three girls showing up to eat.  They noticed my drinking band on, and asked if I came from some sort of hospital or something (they were serious, which was funny).  I mentioned I was there to pick up my medication, or something goofy like that.  Then I came home, chatted with a few people, and crashed, because I felt strange. (You mean drunk? Yeah, that also... NOW?? Aye, now).

Madd74 (11:53:24 PM): so which part of your body does my penis go into :-D

Okay, now, this is something I said, totally out of the blue, which just proves my point that I handle alcohol and sexuality totally wrong.  Mind you, this is someone I met once on-line, lives like 2 hours away from here, and I do not see her as a sex object or anything.  Now, I was proud the fact that despite all the women there, so, in my defense, I am getting much better at being under the influence and sexuality.  Just have a few more things to cover.  I can and will control it all.

Away for now...

     dITZ is getting hungry, so, I have to cut this into another entry later.  I am more than certain she will spark up some things in my brain.

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