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Observation... - JOHD

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Jul 5th, 2003

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12:46 - Observation...
One thing I do, more so than many, is observation.  Now, by many I mean those who I come in contact with, since the reason I note this is because I am observing them not observing.  I see many who pick up debate, as if it was something to do to pass the time, and see that a big issue with philosophical studies that people are not bothering to grasp the concept of other people's Realities.  Some humans up and take what they have experienced and apply that to everyone else.

Let me give an example.  Way back many moons ago, I was called a dork.  I thought it an odd thing to be called by a person who was my friend, so I asked her to define what "dork" was.  She told me how it was basically a sign of affection towards others.  I thought to myself, "Ah ha, this is like when I call people a toad... I do not mean them disresepct, it is just a saying I have adapted to."  Now, many I know, when called a dork, however, would automatically take it as a negative manner, without getting clarification.  It is almost as if they just wanted to argue about something, and being called a dork would be the stepping stone they would use.

Actually, an even more prone example is my own language (defined by others as verbose).  It tickles me to death just by me saying "human(s)" I get so may people asking me why I think I am better than anyone else.  hEhEhE!!  You know, I look human up in dictionary after dictionary and I get the definition of a living or extinct member of the family Hominidae, or I get relating to a person, or having human form or attibutes as opposed to those of animals or divine beings.  Now... maybe this very last one is some how connected... maybe this is the key... but then I realize other humans state that I am referring to myself as something other than human... and then it turns into the tickle to death again (especially when I have referred to myself as human on many occassions).

Maybe it is projection... a common ego defense mechenism (or dear is the philosophy community being tainted by psychology?) A human has a chance to project their own superiority onto another (in this case, Madd).  Or maybe it is not I who am the insane one of this culture.

Well, regardless of what it is, I know I have flaws, and I really want to go eat some Iowa Chops they are yummy!
Current Mood: curiouscurious

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[User Picture]
Date:Jul 5th, 2003 14:07 (UTC)
I think I've hit on it.

It's not the word "humans" that does it...

it's the word "you".

If I tell Paul, "You Waech's are fucking nut cases", I'm excluding MYSELF...even though I AM a Waech.

Or if I should say "You women are stupid bitches," even though it's obvious I AM a woman, it seems that I'm excluding myself from a class of people that I hold scorn for. Therefore the inferral is that I feel I am above that class.

If I substitute the word "we" for "you" the meaning of the statement becomes inclusive...

[User Picture]
Date:Jul 5th, 2003 14:14 (UTC)
hmm... I can see how humans would see it... I do not use it that way, however, and also none of these humans who do this bother to ask for clarification...

so you found another place I post... hehehe
[User Picture]
Date:Jul 5th, 2003 14:15 (UTC)


for an unknown reason I thought I posted this somewhere else, hahaha, my bad

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