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Delete My Work See If I Care!

Gone, JOHD... all of it gone.  Everything toasted because the server decided to not be there, and when I clicked back, sure enough... gone.

Mwahaha!!  Well... like I am going to let that stop me...

Where was I?  Hmm... something about slowly but surely I was getting back on track, I explained that I was never on track, talked about killing procrastination (yet again) and how I made the claim before.  I talked about the failing technology.  Stated that something is wrong with Alexander.  It is something that only a MoM would be able to understand or sense... it is just one of those sense things.  I talked about Link, and how I was going to give him a lobotomy soon since he appears to be off the deep end.  I talked about my emotional defenses against malice were strong, the fact that I could take direct hits from close humans and not have a hull breach... actually, I never used those words and I like this analogy much better.  I talked about Melee, and how all my 30GB of information was thought to be lost (all my MP3, my Reality work, all gone everything).  I talked about how MaddHood is not able to connect to the world, and how if I had server abilities how I could do so much wonderful magic on the net.  I talked about the fact that... ah... wow, I wrote so much, and it is all gone.  It is my fault, I should realize better than to use the web based utility without backing things us.  Oh yeah, I went on about... stuff.  Lots of stuff... I just do not have time for this... well... this did not bring down my mood either, JOHD... oh yeah!!

All that email to catch up on, I mentioned that, and how some people were going to get replies to email two years old, hahaha.  I commented, “I said I would reply I never said what decade it would be in.” Yeah, I remember that... and I talked about Myles CD completion from the second album released through a Madd Hit production.

Other than that, I do not remember, and frankly, I have things to go complete.

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