Madd Martin L Kroeger (madd74) wrote,
Madd Martin L Kroeger

Let us fight against spam!!

(Note to humans from Madd Martin)

My fellow humans!  I realize that many of you have accounts that are filled with promises to enlarge your penis... yet... oddly enough, you do not have one.  Or you get emails promising you larger breasts yet... you do not have those either.  Or you are promised increased sex life yet... you are saving yourself to marraige.

You are basically a plot in the mind of people who care not who they target.  You have been entered to a list of spam.  I created a community to KILL spam.  I expect it to actually help REDUCE the spam you get.  I ask all of my friends join this community.  I ask you post in your journal about this community and have others join it.  I ask you tell THEM to post about it in their journal, until it floats around and infects everyone with the knowledge of anti-spam.

I create this account because I am sick of seeing every hour 2 - 6 or so pieces of spam, clogging up my account.  I plan to fight these spammers, and hope many of you will join me in doing so.

Please note, you are free to copy and paste this "speech" in your journal to encourage others to join... because I would think most of you are like me, and only want to see spam on Monty Python.

Click Here to Open a Pop-Up Window to the SpamKiller community!!

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