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Death to all Technology - JOHD

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Jun 15th, 2003

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10:36 - Death to all Technology
I have been fighting to get this technology to work since I got my DSL modem... of course, I have had issues before then.  I have come to realize that if I did not know computers as I did, I would not even HAVE a computer connection.  I enjoy a good challenge, JOHD, but when I am faced with an impossible one it gets very... nerve racking on my brain.  Currently, I have both computers able to access the net.  However, I cannot even get the one to PING the other one, and I could do that before.  I feel that I have gotten farther, since I am now able to connect with many peopoe on AIM using direct connect and I was not able to before.{sigh} This is frustrating... I hope their technical support is better than DLink

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