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Now I Lay Me - JOHD

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Jun 11th, 2003

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23:46 - Now I Lay Me
Wow... bed twice in one day... spooky.  Okay, so, I go to bed.  I worked on my portfolio (three papers of 3, 6, and 4 pages on average and college class listing and evaluation).  I got my class list down, and start going over the evaluation, and noticed... did I miss a class needed to complete my core or did I get it substituted?  Also, in going over the catalog for one thing, I ran across graduation.  Did I read correctly that I must petition a year in advance?  Dear word I hope not... don't make me kill anyone.  I did not get any actual reading done, JOHD, however, I sense no trouble doing so tomorrow since I am looking to get plenty of sleep tonight.

Oh yeah, and I realized, over half of these courses... I have no clue what I did in them.

This is the reason I entrust my life to you, JOHD, since I seem to have issues in what I remember doing.  I know it cannot JUST be memory, since I remember very well what I did in my speech and psychology classes.  These were taken like over five years ago.  You help me remember so much, and I did not take advantage of you the way that could have benefitted my knowledge of where I have been.  This is a reason I love you so, this and the fact that I can vent to you like no other.  Granted... not when I vent to you, it is different than before, since I get feedback, however, potential feedback can help me achieve a state of integrity that I may otherwise not have gotten from you before.

On an ending note, JOHD, I am excited about a few of the new changed that the LJ community has put into effect, or at least has made reference to.  I now have your name down!  I am excited for you, old friend... and also the friend’s list reflects how I see most of them, droogies.  Plus now I have a better way to keep others informed of bio updates.  Of course most important to myself if the changing to where all my notifications go.  They are being redirected to my madd74 spam account.  Speaking of which, since I have created it, I have received two actual pieces of spam (people who I have no clue who they are).  My MSN account gets over 20 pieces a day.  It may even be to a point of one piece every hour on average.  Glad I filter all of those to the trash who are not on my list.

So {yawn}, I am going to get ready for bed... and after class tomorrow, I hope to complete my paper so I can have sleep and rest for the special day happening at the end of this week!!

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[User Picture]
Date:Jun 12th, 2003 02:38 (UTC)

Reading graduation requirements is just... annoying. I have to get the requirements from the year I initially enrolled, and make sure that the classes that have changed their names are still the same classes, etc.


You'll figure it out.

I'm so very proud of you, Madd. Some day I'll follow suit and finish the education that *I* started almost 15 years ago... *sigh*
[User Picture]
Date:Jul 5th, 2003 16:22 (UTC)
I had motivation... I had someone willing to pay for it, in this case, Qwest. I feel that had it been my money the motivation would not have been there.


Thank you... I am not sure what a continued education means to you, however, I hope you find out and things go where you want.

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