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Plato - "The Trials and Death of Socrates" - JOHD

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Jun 9th, 2003

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12:44 - Plato - "The Trials and Death of Socrates"
After school is done, and I have done a good portion of catching up (I estimate within the next month and a half) I plan to dig into some of what I have done.  For those who wish to keep up, OR, for those who want some good reading, I offer a link the "Apology", which basically is Plato talking about the trial of Socrates who was put to death for corrupting the young, among a few other things.  It is actually light reading, and keep in mind this is PLATO'S words of how he saw his mentor and what he most likely said, since back then there was no Court TV, or even a typist.  The first link is a background information that tells of the times and can help us understand what was going on "back then", and the second is the ACTUAL chapter "Apology" by Plato.  Socrates states, "the life which is unexamined is not worth living" (p38).  Realize that I did as such, examined once again my life, which lead to my temporary Drain Bamage of the past week... so be forewarned.  Of course, I also have overcome as such.  I see myself... wiser, in a sense, for having looked upon Socrates (through Plato's words).  Even though the words are Plato, remember that Plato was a student of Socrates.  For those who read, or already have read "Apology", the question I ask of you, at least those of you who are thinkers, is Socrates egotistical, and if he is, why, and if he is not, why not?



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Date:Jun 9th, 2003 10:57 (UTC)

Legal Note

page 38 refers to Dover - Thrift - Editions, "Plato The Trials and Death of Socrates Four Dialogues"

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