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A Challenge for All Critical Thinkers - The Soldier

The following is a situation that I was asked to think about in class today, and I offer this same challenge, with my own questions added in the end.

As with anyone who is truly a thinker, you must think outside the box, and put yourself in a situation that you have never been in before, even if you have been in it before, since you are thinking in the mind of this person in question and the dilemma that the person faces.

(This was taken from a book on an actual event that happened, and the outcome shall be discussed later when I give plenty of critical thinkers enough time to ponder the moral dilemma and also when I have more time to go over it)

You are a soldier for the US army (about 21 - 23 in age).  There have been many slain in this war, and you are out and about attempting to secure the area.  You come to a place you suspect has hiding enemies, so you lob in a grenade and later investigate that the place you thought was a base is actually a shelter where a family was hiding in.  You have killed most of the family, minus the mother (who is basically unharmed) and a small 3 year old boy.  The problem is, that while the boy is currently alive, the grenade has taken an arm off and he is bleeding profoundly.  You have no training in anything medical, and the nearest medical team or specialist(s) are no where close to your location.  It boils down to this... given the situation at hand, the inevitable is doing nothing the boy *will* die.  You happen to have a bunch of morphine.  You realize you could give the boy an overdose of morphine, and this in turn would end up you killing the boy but the boy would die a rather painless death.  So what do you do?

Do you do nothing for the boy and allow him to die or do you give an overdose to the boy and kill him off painlessly? Or, is there something else you attempt to do(you are a soldier and of course have a gun you could finish him off with)? What is the reason that you take this path, and do you feel that doing the opposite, or something different, would be considered wrong/evil/immoral/etc?

After you answer that question in your mind, think on this.

Would you think this same way if you had a child who was of same age and gender?  If you change your answer, what made you do so, and include into your account the same feeling of what you declined as wrong?

(in the event you actually are familiar with this story of have read the book the facts are based from, please refrain from posting at this time but waiting for the follow-up).
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