Madd Martin L Kroeger (madd74) wrote,
Madd Martin L Kroeger

Beware Humans of Long

I also feel I believe a better understanding why so many people hated Socratese, and I feel myself falling into a similar boat, minus the trial and posioning.  I attempted from time to time to feel and think of him as being egoticstical and self-centered.  I am not able to.  Some of what he has gone through I see myself as the same.  The fact I am seen as egotistical, the fact that I am lothed by quite a few.  I understand the reasons and feel no anger nor hatred towards any of them, as also I shall not do such to those in the future, since the thoughts and feelings of how I deal with information with other humans shall change drastically to a bluntness that many will find difficult to accept or swallow.  Most, shall do as I expect.  Cloud the information I give them or relay to how I feel or view with blunt excuses, as opposed to accept the fact they failed as some aspect of a being, human or other.  To these humans I apologize on advance... however, to others shall be spared.  Some humans straight up state there are some things they just wish to not know, and to these humans, the information shall not be pushed.  I think to a time when I was not yet dating, but involved, and said human rather did not want to know my involvment with other women.  This, of course, is something that I shall grant.  However, for those who do not make it present, and who do not answer a simple, "By the way... I thought I should warn you about an aspect of behavior..." well... they choose their own fate by choosing nothing at all.

So, humans of long, who have been around for some time, or who would plan to do as such...

You have been official warned, and there will utterly be zero, nul, zip empathy or sympathy if you allow this information to blow up in your face.  You all choose to associate with me or not to associate with me.  You all choose to read what I write.  You all choose to not read what I write and only take in bits and pieces of information.  Choices for you all.  As good example, "ignorance of the law is no excuse for breaking the law".

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