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Existance is futile

Everything in existance... a lie.  I understand the reasons that Socraties was put to death.  I understand what they feared so much... that everything they take to know no longer exists.  I understand the reason Neo throws up.  I understand much more, and with it, I agree with Cypher.  Ignorance can be bliss.  I understand why my relationships fail, and it is rarely a true case of being the female's fault.  God, forgive me... forgive me in the way that only you can.  The pain... of what is and is not real... plagues my mind like a virus... one that is out to take over and destroy the host by copying onto its existance over that which is already been set by another.

So onward I go... to read, and possibly cause my own damnation, as I start to possibly question all that I have only slightly done, but now with great force.  Of course, as far as I really know, I do not even truly exist... and it would not matter anyway.


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