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The Trip

     I should not be this tired.  I wish LJ would let me actually post this stuff.  Looks like I have to shoot for the window client.  The trip up on Saturday was not as fast as it usually is, however, I still did well, and I think I made it back in record time, haha.  I did not realize Iowa had speed limits?  I stopped at Wal Mart to pick up some gifts.  I got her a card, a bottle of Black Velvet, and one of those things you put water in and it recycles through and what have you.  So when I got there, Leta was kind enough to want to attack me.  She is a darn good guard dog.  Also not the mentally smartest, even though she knows a few really cool tricks.

     So we went to the Ramada in.  We ate and time came and they set up Kareokee.  Blah, that word sucks, I could never spell it right.  I ended up singing 7 or so songs, a new record for me.  I also had seven beers, and I think I drank myself sober.  Haha, I liked the fact that I had a small fan base, of people NOT related to me.  They liked the fact I was doing Floyd cuts.  Sabra wanted me to do Money, which of course is no problem here.  I was doing it anyway.  This version of Money is different than I remember, for it had almost all the instrumentals, uncut.  I never want to sing instrumentals like I usually would to Floyd, for songs like Time are massively cut, and I have no idea how they will be cut.  Uncle RObbie showed up.  Haha, we talked about that wonderous Christmas Eve night, many moons ago, when I drank hard liqour for the first time.  Oh wow... that was a crazy time.  Someone who I may or may not be related to asked me if I knew who she was.  She played the guessing game with me, and I just kept shrugging my shoulders, since I had this crazy feeling I knew her.  Well, Maria, if you do not stay active in my life, do not expect me to remember you.  I get that every now and then on line.  People who on net standed me, and 7 months later, they expect me to remember who they are, yet, they always "have more important" things to do.  I mean... not some times, I mean all the time.  I can understand people now and then, do not get me wrong.  So over all, that was a good time.  I went back to Sabra's and passed out on the couch, the second coolest place in her house.

     I woke up, and before I went over to grandma's, I decided to watch the movie on Comedy Central.  It was PCU, and if you remove the C, it leaves you with the overall rating I would give that movie.  It had its moments... but now that I think about it, so do car wrecks.  Grandma is very controlling.  I think now that I write that, even though I have always known it, I come to grasp why father ended up so controlling, and how I started to get controlling.  I am glad it got pointed out to me a few times, so that I could bring it into my thinking Reality and take care of it.  I think back to times when I almost have to argue with her that I did not WANT to take my coat off, or use this or that utensile.  She still lays the guilt trips if she is not called all the time about when I am back in town, or when exactly I am coming over, and what have you.  I call when I know, grandma, sorry.  It is odd, however, because before I would actually be more inclinded to just not come over or anything, because she always did that, in her attempted to get me over more.  That's crazy!  That aspect of human behavior is confusing.  I guess it is because it is more of an ID type reaction.  People say it to attempt to get something done in the now, not realizing that it may have negative effects in the future.  Of course, the ID is not able to rationalize things, or see how the future could be affected.  Wow, long pause, better wrap things up soon before I pass out.  I had passed out as I was watching golf, which is what I do every time I go over there and she is watching golf.  We did watch Fear Factor.  I think that is the only "reality" show that I have ever liked, seeing as how much I despite the "retake doing" Survivor.  Big Brother, oh, do NOT even get me started on that one.  However, Fear Factor I enjoy.  I realize that they must get ride of most people when they have one of their "eat this and chew it" things, like the bugs they have done, and the goat's eye I heard they are doing next time.  So, we played cards, like we always do.  I did not do as well as I usually do, even though I think I won more at Crazy 8 than she did.  As for 31, well, I was destroyed, plain and simple.  Blah.  So, after getting my stuff together, I took off for home.  It was a rather fast trip.  A lot of the usual daydreams on such long trips with my music playing.  A lot deal with Stringray, and our "band" called "Sting of Maddness".  The usual things blowing up around me stuff also.  Haha, as I was driving, a really good song was on, and I thought for sure there was going to be something else following it (I thought it was a 7 minute version of a bunch of songs together).  At the same time, seconds before the song ended, I thought of how I would have liked the pSyChO cIrCuS to play.  Well, from the 5 hours worth of music to come next, low and behold, the cIrCuS started to play, and I lost feeling in my lower legs, literally.  I remember my mouth dropped and I almost left my body.  Wow, what a crazy insane feeling it all was.  I do not even remember most of the song playing after it started.  I thought to myself how good it was I was on an Interstate with no cars around me.  Had that been in the city, I could have very easily went through a building.  Wow, but it was so cool, hehehe.  I could feel all the hairs stand up, and the ones in the back pull at me.  So, I made it into town, and what is the first thing I do before the day is over?  Aye, Final Fantasy IV, haha!  Maybe there is still a spell on me or something.

     Well, I almost got some really great welcomes from being home, minus TetriMaur who did not even realize I was gone {sigh}.  Oh well... WhooHoo!!  No way!  Marcus just called me, like, out of no where!  This is like when I was back home and two people I had not heard of forever got forwared to my PCS phone.  Wow, only here Marcus is inviting me out with him right now, so, I think I will take my not so tired anymore self and go see him!

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