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So Why Don't the Humans Understand?

JOHD, this chat reflects part of that reason, and much more will come in regards to who I really am.  JOHD, you have been best at keeping up with this, and I thank you.

The following is a chat with my girlfriend followed by a chat with my... ... best friend, well, still my best friend.  By the chat alone, I may end up losing both best friends, and it is a long complicated process, however, I am on a time table here baby!!

The best thing to remember when dealing with me are a few important keys, of which I shall only name a quick few here.

-I am not always right and rarely want to be anymore.
-I am flawed, make imstakes, and contradict what I say, so don't scold me for it it only tells me how YOU really are
-I have picked up an insane amount of bad habits, by my definition, of which can even be seen in the following two chats. I know this occurs and work to correct the habits.

**/Chat with Sewcute AKA Girlfriend\**

maddmartin74 (11:36:18a): well I apologize for just being "idle" last night... my computer decided it was not going to let up, and I had important information I did not want to lose, so I could not just shut my computer off
maddmartin74 (11:36:47a): however, you have had oppertunity to talk
maddmartin74 (11:36:55a): when I sent you those emails you could have already told me this
maddmartin74 (11:37:13a): but you have been doing exactly as I had thought, talking to Jess (expected) and also talking to Gretchen
maddmartin74 (11:37:44a): you do not know what to do to change it?
maddmartin74 (11:37:46a): call me
maddmartin74 (11:37:49a): write me
maddmartin74 (11:38:08a): I may be slow and procrastinate, however one thing I do not do is give up
maddmartin74 (11:38:19a): that is the reason I graduated
maddmartin74 (11:38:22a): er
maddmartin74 (11:38:27a): I mean, am going to graduate
maddmartin74 (11:38:46a): i do not even plan to do anything with my college education at this point, simply, just graduate
sewdork (11:39:09a): call you? how could I?
sewdork (11:39:14a): I had to get ready for work
maddmartin74 (11:39:36a): "As i said to you last time I was in
DM, I really don't like how we don't talk as much, but
I didn't let it bother me"
sewdork (11:39:51a): and write you an email. . .I believe this was stated when we first met, that I don't like to write emails. . .
maddmartin74 (11:40:04a): but you like your phone
maddmartin74 (11:40:16a): this has been made extremely apparent to me
sewdork (11:40:16a): yes, btu I had to get ready for wokr
sewdork (11:40:23a): and had to leave for work
maddmartin74 (11:40:25a): Melissa
maddmartin74 (11:40:33a): I am talking in regards to your comment I just copy and pasted
sewdork (11:40:56a): oh I was talking not in regards to that
maddmartin74 (11:40:59a): in a relationship, it is not expected that the other person could fix all of the problems of the other
maddmartin74 (11:41:14a): however, when issues bother a woman, I at least like to not be the LAST person on the list to figure it out
maddmartin74 (11:41:37a): frankly, that is not how I want to spend the rest of my life with someone
sewdork (11:41:56a): considering I had not told anyone that I didnt' like that we didn't talk, you were not the last to know
maddmartin74 (11:42:07a): i am not talking about that
sewdork (11:42:26a): maddmartin74: I am talking in regards to your comment I just copy and pasted
maddmartin74 (11:42:28a): i apologize, i am jumping around a bit
maddmartin74 (11:43:07a): yeah, that was in regards to your phone usage
sewdork (11:43:18a): it is fine. . .just a minute, I have like three more dishes to finish
maddmartin74 (11:43:19a): then i went and switched
sewdork (11:45:29a): ok dishes are done, I am all yours
sewdork (11:46:04a): where would you like to start? (I say you because you know more about what you are talking about than I do)
maddmartin74 (11:46:33a): i dont know
sewdork (11:46:54a): you don't know?
maddmartin74 (11:47:09a): i am processing a lot more mental information than usual
sewdork (11:47:38a): ok
sewdork (11:49:12a): does this mean you would like to talk at another time, when you aren't processing quite as much? or that I just need to wait a little while?
maddmartin74 (11:49:47a): it means at this time you have the choise to wait or expect delayed responses or talk another time
sewdork (11:50:08a): I can wiat
sewdork (11:50:09a): wait
maddmartin74 (11:53:39a): i do not know where to start
sewdork (11:54:00a): well maybe start where you started in this im?
maddmartin74 (11:54:26a): i started apologizing on behalf of my computer
sewdork (11:54:48a): which I accept
maddmartin74 (11:55:41a): i went into talking about your oppertunity to talk in a general whole sense
sewdork (11:56:03a): the thing is, i do call you, but we don't talk half the time
sewdork (11:56:08a): which is why I dont' call you as often
sewdork (11:56:21a): and also, I have worked two nights a week for the past two weeks
maddmartin74 (11:56:24a): we do not talk half the time, but remember talking is a two way street
sewdork (11:56:25a): and had lots of homework
sewdork (11:56:30a): yeah I know
maddmartin74 (11:56:33a): last time when I was driving home...
sewdork (11:56:35a): i ramble on and on about my day
maddmartin74 (11:56:49a): ... I started just rambling in attempts to get things going (this was after the protein research)
maddmartin74 (11:57:03a): then I would stop, and you would not say a word, and that is basically what has started to happen
maddmartin74 (11:57:27a): it is odd in your email you go on talking about how you miss talking so much yet I have seen you being the one not taking the oppertunity
maddmartin74 (11:57:27a): or
maddmartin74 (11:57:43a): when I asked about the relationship when we were driving and I told you I was not or did not want to date your family
sewdork (11:58:01a): what do you mean not taking the opportunity?
maddmartin74 (11:58:06a): to talk
sewdork (11:58:16a): explain, how am I not doing that?
maddmartin74 (11:58:21a): when i asked where you saw our relationship
maddmartin74 (11:58:26a): i wanted you to just talk about it
maddmartin74 (11:58:35a): to talk about any aspect, without having to explain what I meant
maddmartin74 (11:58:58a): i saw myself doing most of the initiating
sewdork (11:59:04a): well as far as that goes, i was not sure how to explain it. . .or to talk about it, and I believe I did say some things
maddmartin74 (11:59:16a): eventually you did, correct
maddmartin74 (11:59:38a): or the time I was at work and you were on the other line for about an hour
maddmartin74 (11:59:49a): there was plenty of time to talk then
maddmartin74 (11:59:50a): and no
sewdork (12:00:10p): no there wasn't
maddmartin74 (12:00:18p): "you were at work" or "I thought/you were busy" etc is not a viable excuse, since if I have you on the line, there was plenty of time to talk
maddmartin74 (12:00:23p): no there was not?
maddmartin74 (12:00:26p): i had you for an hour
sewdork (12:00:27p): you were talking to other people
sewdork (12:00:34p): you were helping customers
maddmartin74 (12:00:51p): helping customers? on a few occassions, I was
sewdork (12:01:09p): and for a majority of hte time you talked with your co workers
sewdork (12:01:13p): maybe not majority
sewdork (12:01:15p): but quite a bit o the time
maddmartin74 (12:01:18p): please
maddmartin74 (12:01:32p): i was talking to them just the same as if I was in a room with a bunch of different people talking to them
sewdork (12:01:44p): yes
maddmartin74 (12:02:15p): that would be like me saying "oh, your talking to jess so I am just going to be in the same room with you and be quiet"
sewdork (12:02:46p): well I am sorry, I do not like to interupt when someone is talkign to someone else
maddmartin74 (12:04:41p): when you are at the day care talking and two people/kids are talking to someone, do you hop in and attempt to talk to any of them at all?
sewdork (12:05:14p): so I am talkign to person a, and person b and c are talking? do I interupt b and c?
maddmartin74 (12:06:30p): i mean like my example
sewdork (12:07:01p): that is what I was trying to rewrite, your example, I am not exactly sure what you mean
maddmartin74 (12:07:11p): ok, using yours...
maddmartin74 (12:07:32p): well, yours is fine if you simply drop opption A
sewdork (12:07:42p): so who am I talking to?
maddmartin74 (12:07:45p): B and C are simply talking do you JOIN B or C
sewdork (12:07:49p): oh
sewdork (12:07:58p): well it would depend on teh situation
maddmartin74 (12:08:36p): the situation is that B and C, at your daycare, are simply talking about random things, and you are there for an hour next to them
sewdork (12:09:07p): I might. . .I would probably insert my own thoughts every now and then
maddmartin74 (12:09:21p): ah, that is the phrase I was looking for
maddmartin74 (12:09:29p): insert your own thoughts
sewdork (12:12:17p): which I believe I did whilst we were on the phone for an hour
maddmartin74 (12:13:23p): I remember more silence than anything
maddmartin74 (12:13:31p): even when I was there doing tickets basically talking to myself
maddmartin74 (12:13:52p): and the fact of the matter is, there were many times I *was* talking to myself that you most likely thought I was talking to other people.
sewdork (12:14:51p): you say it is a two way street. . .why must I have been the one to start convo? usually when we talk, all I remember doing it rambling about my day/week
maddmartin74 (12:15:33p): you use to
maddmartin74 (12:15:36p): and that is what I want to hear
maddmartin74 (12:15:53p): and you are NOT the one who starts the convo
sewdork (12:15:59p): excuse me?
maddmartin74 (12:16:31p): what are you excusing me for?
sewdork (12:17:09p): how am I not the one who starts convos? you rarely call me anymore, and when I do call you, I ask you how your day has gone, and other things like that, that you do not generally ask me
maddmartin74 (12:18:04p): do you remember how my conversations use to go?
maddmartin74 (12:18:19p): my conversations had me going into a whole great of detail of how your day was
maddmartin74 (12:18:34p): and as for stating the fact I rarely call you
maddmartin74 (12:18:40p): what did I say about phone usage?
sewdork (12:19:00p): that I like to use the phone?
maddmartin74 (12:19:04p): no
maddmartin74 (12:19:10p): about phone usage and myself
sewdork (12:19:40p): I cannot remember your exact words at this time. . .but you cannot use that, because you used to call me everyday
maddmartin74 (12:19:50p): excuse me?
maddmartin74 (12:19:54p): you use to email me all the time
sewdork (12:20:04p): yeah and you never responded
maddmartin74 (12:20:08p): so why can you use your email excuse but I cannot use my phone?
sewdork (12:20:13p): why am I going to send an email if I am not going to get a response?
maddmartin74 (12:20:24p): who says you are not getting a reponse?
sewdork (12:20:34p): to my emails that I have sent
maddmartin74 (12:20:48p): no, my question is who says you are not going to get a response?
sewdork (12:20:56p): I do
maddmartin74 (12:21:20p): then I see you have little faith in me or what I have been saying for the past few months
maddmartin74 (12:21:45p): 1) I procrastinate and know it, and when I have something else tieing me down like school, it will get many times worse
maddmartin74 (12:21:59p): 2)I am not a quitter, the whole reason I went back to school in the first place
sewdork (12:22:11p): which I understood, which is another reason for me *not* to send you emails, because I know I am not going to get a response so why bother?
maddmartin74 (12:22:14p): 3)multiple times I have addressed the fact I have not replied to MOST people's emails
maddmartin74 (12:22:24p): MULTIPLE times I have stated this
sewdork (12:22:29p): yes I know
sewdork (12:22:31p): and I am saying
sewdork (12:22:38p): why would I send an email if I am not goign to get a response?
maddmartin74 (12:22:59p): 4)the fact that I would be catching up to everyone
maddmartin74 (12:23:16p): 4)the fact I have stated more than once I would be catching up to everyone
maddmartin74 (12:23:19p): everyone
maddmartin74 (12:23:23p): YOU are part of everyone
sewdork (12:24:36p): ok. . .this is true. . .what was I to write you an email about?
maddmartin74 (12:24:55p): you could write me emails talking about your general day
sewdork (12:24:56p): say my day, by the time you did respond it would be out of date anyways
sewdork (12:25:00p): and that is in my lj
maddmartin74 (12:25:03p): you could write emails about what you currently hate for the day
maddmartin74 (12:25:05p): what went wrong
maddmartin74 (12:25:07p): how things are going
sewdork (12:25:23p): but then by the time you got to responding to it, it would be out of date
maddmartin74 (12:25:35p): if it is by email, correct
maddmartin74 (12:25:40p): you know...
maddmartin74 (12:25:52p): ... if I see you writing about something that really concerns you, however...
maddmartin74 (12:26:08p): then I have a choice to overcome my phone thing and call
maddmartin74 (12:26:33p): the reason I called you as much as I did is the same reason I end up calling MOST people when I do... because a general curiosity is there
maddmartin74 (12:26:49p): while that is there, I most than emphisized, through personal experience, that I am not a phone person
maddmartin74 (12:27:03p): that when it comes to me calling, it is not a regular thing I do
maddmartin74 (12:27:14p): the BIGGEST reason more than anything is procrastination
sewdork (12:28:05p): ok yes I remember you saying you were not a phone person, but then when we first meet and you call me everyday, and we talk for long amounts of time, then your ACTIONS are speaking much louder than your WORDS, so I hear you say you aren't a phone person, yet you call me quite a bit
maddmartin74 (12:28:44p): im not a phone person
maddmartin74 (12:28:51p): my actions speak from curiosity
maddmartin74 (12:29:08p): my curiosity will make a liar out of many things I say when it comes to what I say vs what I do
maddmartin74 (12:29:34p): curiosity is even a more driving force than procrastination ever could be
maddmartin74 (12:29:50p): while I did not make a connection between the two...
maddmartin74 (12:30:01p): ... I *did* state how much curiosity has been to me
sewdork (12:30:39p): do you remember when I said that actions speak much louder than words? I did not look at you calling me everyday as your curiosity
maddmartin74 (12:31:08p): ok, so dont... and I believe I have mentioned actions speak louder than words many times over....
maddmartin74 (12:31:20p): and it can look to you whatever it wants
maddmartin74 (12:31:23p): *I* know me
maddmartin74 (12:31:28p): *I* have ben around me
maddmartin74 (12:31:58p): what I did with you is what I would do with most humans I would contact, especially females I am attempting to get to know better...
maddmartin74 (12:32:13p): a curiosity as to what you really are will instill around me for a long time
maddmartin74 (12:32:20p): some times I look for certain things
maddmartin74 (12:32:26p): curious about how the other views honesty
maddmartin74 (12:32:45p): the best way to catch someone lying and compare it to their views on lying is to just talk with that person an insane about of time
maddmartin74 (12:32:56p): *that* is a curiosity
sewdork (12:33:44p): ok, well I do not know when you stopped being "curious" about me, but you continued to call me everyday, even a month after we were going out
maddmartin74 (12:33:53p): ah huh
maddmartin74 (12:34:06p): going out... a situation when more curiosity would take over
maddmartin74 (12:34:17p): to that, we are already past Jan 6th
maddmartin74 (12:34:35p): this is a time where I PLAINLY warned AS MANY PEOPLE AS POSSIBLE about school
sewdork (12:34:44p): yes you did
maddmartin74 (12:34:46p): this was more than a simple change to scedule
maddmartin74 (12:34:53p): this was more than a simple warning
maddmartin74 (12:35:17p): despite the fact I warned you AND Gretchen... I feel as if that warning was just tossed aside due to "my actions speaking louder than words"
sewdork (12:35:19p): and yet you still continued to call me after school started
maddmartin74 (12:35:31p): this is a case, where listening to the words is more important than the actions
maddmartin74 (12:35:36p): ah huh, I did
maddmartin74 (12:35:50p): and school digged on
maddmartin74 (12:36:09p): I realized it would be a matter of time... I knew I was just not going to stop talking to you point blank
maddmartin74 (12:36:35p): I also realized that while I was IN school that for many conversations to happen it was going to require effort on other people's part
maddmartin74 (12:36:45p): once again
maddmartin74 (12:36:49p): I shall repeat
maddmartin74 (12:37:04p): I warned everyone... yet it seems to me that my warnings were not taking into true heart
maddmartin74 (12:37:12p): in regards to you I say this because
maddmartin74 (12:37:20p): sewdork (12:35:19p): and yet you still continued to call me after school started
maddmartin74 (12:37:29p): sewdork (12:33:44p): ok, well I do not know when you stopped being "curious" about me, but you continued to call me everyday, even a month after we were going out
sewdork (12:37:42p): oh it was. . .I did not im you as much, I didn't email you as much, I did not call you as much. . .I sorta left you be, so you could do your school thing
maddmartin74 (12:37:59p): but why leave me?
maddmartin74 (12:38:09p): because you know I am not going to respond to you?
sewdork (12:38:11p): cause you were busy with school
sewdork (12:38:16p): and I did not want to bother you
maddmartin74 (12:38:28p): so if we are married and I am busy with work and I *tell* you as such, you going to leave me be?
sewdork (12:38:57p): well I wouldn't "bother" you as much as usual
maddmartin74 (12:39:06p): why?
maddmartin74 (12:39:27p): and since WHEN in my warnings or such did I say I wanted to be treated with less contact?
maddmartin74 (12:39:30p): where?
sewdork (12:39:32p): because, when you say you are busy with something, just like hwen I am busy with something I do not really want to be bothered, because I want to get that done
sewdork (12:39:37p): I still have contacted you
sewdork (12:39:39p): just nto as much
maddmartin74 (12:40:03p): if I am doing something of utmost importance where I want NO contact... it will happen
maddmartin74 (12:40:15p): I can assure you as much as I can the sun will rise and fall a few more years
maddmartin74 (12:40:23p): if I do NOT want you or any other human to contact me
maddmartin74 (12:40:24p): it
maddmartin74 (12:40:25p): will
maddmartin74 (12:40:25p): NOT
maddmartin74 (12:40:27p): happen
maddmartin74 (12:40:28p): period
maddmartin74 (12:40:37p): I know how to neutralize my phone
maddmartin74 (12:40:42p): I know how to not respond to email
maddmartin74 (12:40:54p): I know how to turn off my chat or leave up messages telling everyone to back away
sewdork (12:41:16p): maddmartin74: but why leave me?
maddmartin74: because you know I am not going to respond to you?
sewdork (12:41:24p): and yes partly because of that
maddmartin74 (12:41:53p): maddmartin74 (12:22:59p): 4)the fact that I would be catching up to everyone
maddmartin74 (12:23:16p): 4)the fact I have stated more than once I would be catching up to everyone
sewdork (12:42:06p): dude, ims are different than emails
maddmartin74 (12:42:26p): i keep up with IMs better
maddmartin74 (12:42:30p): because they are short
maddmartin74 (12:42:40p): if they require a response, I can do so with little effort
maddmartin74 (12:42:56p): even if it is a BIG response looked for, I can at least state "okay, will get back to you on that one"
maddmartin74 (12:43:06p): what makes you work on your french paper?
maddmartin74 (12:43:13p): what makes you get your homework done when you do?
sewdork (12:43:16p): cause its due on thursday
maddmartin74 (12:43:16p): deadlines...
maddmartin74 (12:43:18p): exactly
maddmartin74 (12:43:30p): it works on more than juse homework
maddmartin74 (12:43:46p): "dear, I have this question X here, and would like a reponse before Friday please, thanks"
maddmartin74 (12:43:51p): that simple
sewdork (12:43:55p): well
maddmartin74 (12:44:05p): so on IMs, or even email for that matter
maddmartin74 (12:44:09p): there you go
sewdork (12:44:10p): to tell you honestly, I never thought of adding a "deadline" to it
maddmartin74 (12:44:16p): i realize that
sewdork (12:44:17p): that never occured to me
maddmartin74 (12:44:33p): but you are going on and on and on and on and on about the fact I would not respond to you
maddmartin74 (12:44:42p): and you know, I know the exact feeling that is
maddmartin74 (12:44:53p): there are times I would like responses to something that I say or do
sewdork (12:45:04p): well look at it from my point of view, I would go over to your apt, and you would respond to others ims when I am there, but not to mine when I am not there
maddmartin74 (12:45:19p): ad if I do not get them, then yeah, I would not be inclinded to start anything with that person... unless...
maddmartin74 (12:45:45p): that person has given me an exact warning, multiple times, that they are going through a time in their life... since that person was more than kind enought o warn me ahead of time
maddmartin74 (12:46:09p): you name me any day you were over here and I responded to an IM
maddmartin74 (12:46:16p): I will show you the exact reason that was
maddmartin74 (12:46:47p): you know, I am far from perfect, there are things that are said to me, that do not require a response, but I have the ability to respond to
maddmartin74 (12:46:49p): aye, I do
maddmartin74 (12:46:57p): and some times I do not
maddmartin74 (12:47:18p): and there is a reason for all action or lack of, and I have come to understand most of mine
sewdork (12:47:18p): I guess there are times, i would like a response like to your pages, without having to tell you I want a response
maddmartin74 (12:47:20p): most, not all
sewdork (12:47:42p): (if the font bothers you, I can change it back ust let me know)
maddmartin74 (12:47:42p): you mean a response to your pages?
sewdork (12:48:01p): pages/im, either or
maddmartin74 (12:48:37p): it boils down to this... i am not going to apologize for my behavior or change of... i am simply not because, i warned you... i warned you all I would change
maddmartin74 (12:48:54p): i do apologize that the concept was something over your best understanding
maddmartin74 (12:49:08p): i come to the realization that is going to happen with most humans about me
sewdork (12:49:12p): I did not ask for an apology, or imply for one
maddmartin74 (12:49:17p): i know that
maddmartin74 (12:49:23p): nor did I say I saw you wanting one
sewdork (12:49:26p): what concept? the concept of school being important?
sewdork (12:49:29p): ok just makign sure you knoew
sewdork (12:49:30p): knew
maddmartin74 (12:49:44p): not the concept of school being important... the concept of my behavior changing
maddmartin74 (12:50:01p): i warned Gretchen back when I knew there was going to be a change in my behavior
maddmartin74 (12:50:14p): and things went arey from there
maddmartin74 (12:50:16p): reason?
maddmartin74 (12:50:27p): inability for human beings to understand that concept of me
sewdork (12:51:09p): concept of you changing because of school? or of you just changing?
maddmartin74 (12:51:18p): changing due to school
maddmartin74 (12:51:26p): school started to take its toll on me
maddmartin74 (12:51:33p): it was more than a matter of just getting work done
sewdork (12:51:41p): why do you think people didn't understand that concept?
maddmartin74 (12:51:47p): it was a matter of I should not fucking be here... it should have been over more than 5 years ago
maddmartin74 (12:51:51p): you tell me
maddmartin74 (12:51:56p): since you are one of them
maddmartin74 (12:52:14p): what may have helped drill into your mind the concept that when I state change I really mean change
sewdork (12:53:03p): hmm, I thought i did understand, and I thought my actions reflected that. . .it is just there were certain things that *did not* change because of school, and others that did. . .so the things that didnt change, and when they did it was harder for me to deal with, make sense?
maddmartin74 (12:53:47p): this chat is reflecting my seeing you not understanding, not your actions...
maddmartin74 (12:53:51p): certain things will not change
maddmartin74 (12:53:57p): no matter what I go through
maddmartin74 (12:54:01p): that is a given
maddmartin74 (12:54:03p): I mean...
maddmartin74 (12:54:20p): ... I am not going to give up listening to Pink Floyd, I am not going to completely remove myself from humans
sewdork (12:54:35p): ok, well look at it from my point of view, you said things woudl change, things a-d changed, but thing e didn't, and then when it did it was harder for me to deal with
maddmartin74 (12:54:40p): While I can warn humans of change... I cannot state everything that is going to change
maddmartin74 (12:54:54p): the phone... that *was* going to change sooner or later, with or without school...
maddmartin74 (12:55:15p): since that is NOT who I am
maddmartin74 (12:55:19p): it is how Curious Madd is
maddmartin74 (12:55:30p): he is going to use the phone, stop by, this and that and everything else
sewdork (12:55:35p): and that is a hard thing for me to deal with, esp when we first met that is how we communicated quite a bit
maddmartin74 (12:55:37p): once he is gone you are stuck with me
maddmartin74 (12:55:50p): we first communicated most via computer
sewdork (12:55:58p): well yes
sewdork (12:56:03p): but once we started talking on teh phone
sewdork (12:56:06p): it was quite abt
sewdork (12:56:07p): but
maddmartin74 (12:56:07p): let me poor out some stisticical data here
sewdork (12:56:09p): bnit
sewdork (12:56:10p): bit
maddmartin74 (12:56:31p): my away messages... how many times would you see a status message with an away message of SUN and it was WED?
maddmartin74 (12:56:34p): quite a few
sewdork (12:56:41p): hell we barely talk on teh computer now too
maddmartin74 (12:56:41p): i paid less attention to my computer
maddmartin74 (12:56:52p): i talk to very little people on the computer
maddmartin74 (12:56:54p): riddle me this
maddmartin74 (12:57:03p): these are close end questions, by the way
sewdork (12:57:15p): so you dont' talk to people via computer, or via phone how are those who love you expected to be able to talk to you
maddmartin74 (12:57:21p): when do I do most of my... Maddian self doings, through the day or after midnight?
sewdork (12:57:38p): maddian self doings?
maddmartin74 (12:57:45p): chatting, partying, etc
sewdork (12:57:48p): ah
sewdork (12:57:56p): after midnight
maddmartin74 (12:57:59p): ok
maddmartin74 (12:58:05p): when was my classes?
sewdork (12:58:11p): during the day
maddmartin74 (12:58:17p): what time, around?
sewdork (12:58:33p): umm nine thiry and one thirty? or was it one?
maddmartin74 (12:58:38p): 930a
sewdork (12:58:39p): one
maddmartin74 (12:58:59p): i stated to myself I was going to go to bed in time to not have to fight my alarm clock
maddmartin74 (12:59:09p): so I did my best to stay away from the computer
maddmartin74 (12:59:20p): I found that helped out a lot
sewdork (12:59:27p): which you did a very good job of, at least in my observations and am proud of you for that
maddmartin74 (12:59:35p): as for your "sewdork (12:57:15p): so you dont' talk to people via computer, or via phone how are those who love you expected to be able to talk to you" comment
maddmartin74 (12:59:42p): what did I say?
maddmartin74 (12:59:56p): what have I been attempting to communicate in this conversation?
maddmartin74 (1:00:02p): I will tell you this, you do not have to answer
maddmartin74 (1:00:15p): simply tell me you want to talk
maddmartin74 (1:00:33p): you know, you may not want to have to tell me, and I do not blame you, but once again, this goes down to what you and others just do not understand
maddmartin74 (1:00:38p): i warned you all
maddmartin74 (1:00:41p): every single one
maddmartin74 (1:01:03p): thus, if you wish for things to happen, for responses, it is more up to you to start things during this period
maddmartin74 (1:01:30p): human's pride and ways of thinking would have to be changed then in order to talk to me
maddmartin74 (1:01:36p): or
sewdork (1:01:47p): I will try to remember that. . .that if I wnt to talk to you, I have to tel you I do
maddmartin74 (1:01:48p): humans can just take the "I'll wait"
maddmartin74 (1:02:03p): my page system, where I have 0 - 9
maddmartin74 (1:02:11p): you know the reason I did it is for this exact reason
maddmartin74 (1:02:26p): it is not a matter of you wanting a resonse to that specific page you senfd
maddmartin74 (1:02:50p): if you are on you 68th page of just saying "just saying hi" and that is all you sent but I never reponded... maybe you just want to know I am still a live
maddmartin74 (1:02:59p): alive even
maddmartin74 (1:03:23p): I made that system for pages JUST for the reason of those of you I *do* care about
maddmartin74 (1:03:26p): MY FLIPPING WORD!!
sewdork (1:03:30p): what?
maddmartin74 (1:03:36p): my DSL, my cell phone, my phone features
maddmartin74 (1:03:41p): I GOT THESE ALL FOR YOU HUMANS
maddmartin74 (1:03:57p): I got them due to my realizing how difficult it is to get in contact with me
sewdork (1:04:01p): oh really? so you are saying, you could live happily without these things?
maddmartin74 (1:04:10p): Like I should give a rat's ass if I can get a slow internet on my phone
maddmartin74 (1:04:15p): heck yes
maddmartin74 (1:04:22p): even my flipping ear pieace
maddmartin74 (1:04:59p): when I am at work and want to get things done, I am not able to with my cell... ah,,, but with a HANDS FREE WIRELESS head piece I sure can let my girlfriend listen to me work for over an hour straigh EVEN while talking to other customers on the phone
maddmartin74 (1:05:06p): but $190?!?
maddmartin74 (1:05:13p): that is more than the damn phone
maddmartin74 (1:05:25p): I get all of this technology and crap for YOU people
sewdork (1:05:30p): dear, i would like to see you be without those things for a week, and she how you feel afterwards
maddmartin74 (1:05:34p): I spend all of this money for YOU
maddmartin74 (1:05:44p): she? you mean see?
maddmartin74 (1:05:51p): I have done it
sewdork (1:05:53p): where is she?
sewdork (1:05:57p): oh yes
maddmartin74 (1:05:59p): sewdork (1:05:30p): dear, i would like to see you be without those things for a week, and she how you feel afterwards
sewdork (1:06:00p): she=see
sewdork (1:06:04p): i didn't see it
sewdork (1:06:07p): when have you done it?
maddmartin74 (1:06:18p): when I go into the few toys I buy FOR ME
maddmartin74 (1:06:24p): Alex
maddmartin74 (1:06:31p): a few video games
maddmartin74 (1:06:46p): heck, even the REST of my fabled video game arsenal I get for YOU HUMANS
maddmartin74 (1:06:50p): I buy extra controllers
maddmartin74 (1:06:58p): what in the HELL do I require an extra controller for?
maddmartin74 (1:07:06p): So I can play with my self against myself?
sewdork (1:07:08p): in case one breaks?
maddmartin74 (1:07:09p): hahaha
maddmartin74 (1:07:11p): ok
maddmartin74 (1:07:23p): WHY would I get games that are almost specific to MULTI players?
sewdork (1:07:31p): cause
maddmartin74 (1:07:31p): that have little interest if just one player?
maddmartin74 (1:07:36p): cause...
maddmartin74 (1:07:40p): I do it for YOU humans
maddmartin74 (1:07:53p): so I can bring you all into MY world, where we can all have a wonderfully happy time together
sewdork (1:07:55p): you like to interact with other humans, and playing video games with other people is interacting with them
maddmartin74 (1:08:04p): ah huh
maddmartin74 (1:08:10p): there are other ways to interact with humans
maddmartin74 (1:08:13p): that cost no money
sewdork (1:08:14p): there are
sewdork (1:08:15p): but
sewdork (1:08:18p): you like video games
sewdork (1:08:29p): and you suually bring people into your existance who also like video games
maddmartin74 (1:08:31p): I sure do, the reason I buy games that are JUST FOR ME
maddmartin74 (1:08:38p): actually
maddmartin74 (1:08:48p): that is one of three only ways I bring males into my life
maddmartin74 (1:08:53p): 1)video games
maddmartin74 (1:08:57p): 2)music
maddmartin74 (1:09:09p): 3)movies
maddmartin74 (1:09:21p): any male I call a friend... has one of these as a requirement
maddmartin74 (1:09:25p): excuse me
maddmartin74 (1:09:34p): ALL male humans I call friend
maddmartin74 (1:09:36p): females?
maddmartin74 (1:09:41p): females have no requirements
maddmartin74 (1:09:55p): er wait, I said 3)movies
maddmartin74 (1:09:59p): I meant 3)computers
sewdork (1:10:09p): maybe there are four?
sewdork (1:10:18p): where does myles fit in that list?
maddmartin74 (1:10:27p): music
maddmartin74 (1:10:37p): he also fit into something else that is no longer a part of my life...
maddmartin74 (1:10:52p): 0)drugs
maddmartin74 (1:11:00p): i no longer shmoke
maddmartin74 (1:11:20p): so there are only three, I do not see where four come in
sewdork (1:11:24p): movies
maddmartin74 (1:11:29p): (andI replaced that one
sewdork (1:11:41p): i was just saying, maybe movies is number 4)
maddmartin74 (1:11:47p): no
maddmartin74 (1:11:50p): movies is not on that list
maddmartin74 (1:12:07p): oh, and 1)video games should be replaced with GAME playinf
maddmartin74 (1:12:16p): since AD&D is not a video game, but it is a game
maddmartin74 (1:12:23p): thus
maddmartin74 (1:12:31p): 0)drugs
maddmartin74 (1:12:40p): 1)game playing
maddmartin74 (1:12:46p): 2)computers
maddmartin74 (1:12:53p): 3)music
maddmartin74 (1:13:02p): this is the correct order of the list
maddmartin74 (1:13:04p): UNLESS
maddmartin74 (1:13:22p): 3)music = Pink Floyd, then it moves to 1) and pushes everything else down
maddmartin74 (1:14:51p): so there are two lists
maddmartin74 (1:14:59p): it just depends on which one you refer to
maddmartin74 (1:15:28p): and the reason 0)drugs is there simply encompasses some people I met thru shmoking
sewdork (1:15:28p): *sigh*
sewdork (1:18:28p): (that is a good sigh)
maddmartin74 (1:18:35p): ok
sewdork (1:21:04p): I have the new aim on my laptop
sewdork (1:21:27p): new aim = 5.0 or whatever it is
maddmartin74 (1:22:02p): 5.2.3139 actually
sewdork (1:22:07p): yeah that
sewdork (1:22:14p): no
sewdork (1:22:20p): mine is only
sewdork (1:22:26p): 5.1.3036
maddmartin74 (1:22:52p): oh... well... then I guess you have a newer
sewdork (1:22:58p): no dude
sewdork (1:23:02p): yours would be news
sewdork (1:23:05p): newer
sewdork (1:23:08p): yours is 5.2
sewdork (1:23:11p): mine is 5.1
maddmartin74 (1:23:13p): actually, mine is "newest"
maddmartin74 (1:23:20p): yours is newer since it is a big change to YOU
sewdork (1:23:33p): oh!
sewdork (1:23:34p): yeah
sewdork (1:23:38p): its not going to last long
maddmartin74 (1:23:48p): why is that?
sewdork (1:23:55p): I just dont' liek it
sewdork (1:23:59p): umm lik eon the other
sewdork (1:24:08p): you can use the tabby thing to edit you list
sewdork (1:24:12p): here you have to do setup
sewdork (1:24:18p): i just dont' like its harder to do
sewdork (1:24:23p): and the whoel ya know change thing
maddmartin74 (1:24:32p): um
maddmartin74 (1:24:34p): no?
maddmartin74 (1:24:51p): all you do is click on SETUP on the bottom
sewdork (1:24:52p): umm I dont' like a lot of change, esp when it is something that has been teh same for the past three/four yeras
sewdork (1:24:54p): I know
maddmartin74 (1:24:54p): straight to the buddy list
sewdork (1:24:55p): before
sewdork (1:24:59p): it wasn't like that
sewdork (1:25:07p): you clicked the other tab thing, and took you there
maddmartin74 (1:25:23p): i do not follow... what is hard about clicking on the setup button?
maddmartin74 (1:25:28p): it is a button as opposed to a tab?
sewdork (1:25:30p): nothing is hard
sewdork (1:25:30p): but
maddmartin74 (1:25:33p): are tabs easier to click or something??
sewdork (1:25:35p): I liked the toher way bettter
maddmartin74 (1:25:40p): sewdork (1:24:18p): i just dont' like its harder to do
sewdork (1:25:47p): it didn't give you a new window on the other one
sewdork (1:25:54p): all int eh same place
maddmartin74 (1:26:42p): welll i do not know about you, but I LIKE that since I can see people as to who is or is not on while messing with adding/removing my list
sewdork (1:26:53p): true
sewdork (1:26:56p): good point
sewdork (1:27:49p): there ar ejust certain things that I don't like when the change, esp something that has been a constant for quite a while
maddmartin74 (1:29:04p): yeah, well, write the company
sewdork (1:29:14p): send me a message
maddmartin74 (1:29:40p): send you a message to where, sewcute?
maddmartin74 (1:29:43p): she is sitting idle
sewdork (1:29:43p): bugger
sewdork (1:29:44p): no
sewdork (1:29:54p): shoot, I just deleted aims and that is whereI get my sounds for yahhoo
sewdork (1:31:44p): sewcute is sitting idle because I am on my bed talking to you
maddmartin74 (1:32:03p): is she your desktop?
sewdork (1:32:07p): yes
sewdork (1:32:37p): not a lot of people know about sewdork
maddmartin74 (1:32:57p): i meant on AIM
sewdork (1:33:00p): oh
sewdork (1:33:22p): yeah tha tis my compuer sn. laptop/computer lab sn is flocon violet
sewdork (1:34:03p): hey dude. . .thank you
maddmartin74 (1:34:13p): for what?
sewdork (1:35:35p): this
maddmartin74 (1:35:43p): define this
sewdork (1:35:50p): this chat
maddmartin74 (1:36:27p): that... slightly concerns me, that I am being thanked for something I wish to natually do... this is a case of me being around and avalible and YOU being the one doing some talking
sewdork (1:36:49p): ah no, I am thanking you, because we haven't talked like this in a while
maddmartin74 (1:36:58p): i realize that
maddmartin74 (1:37:03p): it has been one of my concerns
sewdork (1:37:10p): ditto
maddmartin74 (1:37:42p): im still beyond slightly concerned on the direction of our relationship
sewdork (1:38:14p): and if I remember correctly you said last night you didn't think there was a way to fix it?
maddmartin74 (1:38:36p): well, most things I say are a paradox
maddmartin74 (1:38:43p): i believe that anything in life is possible
maddmartin74 (1:38:56p): and I state there is no apparent way to fix it
maddmartin74 (1:39:19p): i guess with all the damage I have seen, and taking into account that it is not just my mind we are dealing with
sewdork (1:39:39p): so what are you suggesting? that we break up?
maddmartin74 (1:39:53p): i am not sure what I am suggesting
maddmartin74 (1:40:02p): i am bring up something observed on my part
sewdork (1:40:33p): explain you last sentance please
maddmartin74 (1:40:45p): i shall show it as an analogy
maddmartin74 (1:41:12p): i had a good dose of sci-fi yesterday, so I will use the setting of Star Trek
sewdork (1:41:32p): with captain jean luc picard?
maddmartin74 (1:41:38p): I am the engineer... the outter me we all come to know... the part that interacts with you
maddmartin74 (1:41:47p): actually, yeah, since I saw X2 last night, let's go that route
sewdork (1:41:52p): well
sewdork (1:41:56p): since thats the only one I really know
maddmartin74 (1:42:04p): my subconsious is Jean Luc
maddmartin74 (1:42:12p): we were just attacked by unknown forces
maddmartin74 (1:42:18p): we have taken damage
maddmartin74 (1:42:27p): Jean Luc asks, "Damage report"
maddmartin74 (1:42:42p): Madd says, "Well cap'in, I see damage on the following systems"
maddmartin74 (1:42:47p): that is an observation
maddmartin74 (1:42:56p): I tell Jean Luc where I see damage
sewdork (1:43:10p): what about fixing the damage?
sewdork (1:43:45p): I mean jean luc cares dearly for his ship
sewdork (1:43:48p): and doesn't want to see it harmed
maddmartin74 (1:44:08p): Madd says to Jean Luc who asks what needs to be done to fix the damage, "Well, cap, I am in enginerring and the damage done is with another part... you are going to have to consult someone else or get someone else to talk to me to determine the best course for action"
sewdork (1:45:05p): so how does consulting someone else have to do with our relationship
sewdork (1:45:06p): ?
maddmartin74 (1:45:36p): let me put it this way... when I read your post, I thought at that moment you had talked to Jess and Gretchen about it, but not me... and when I confrimed it last waking night... I was extremely hurt
sewdork (1:46:14p): the only reason I talked to JEss about it
sewdork (1:46:23p): was because she called me, and said, what is up?
maddmartin74 (1:46:30p): is because you talk to her about everything, and you two talk all the time
sewdork (1:46:35p): no
maddmartin74 (1:46:37p): but that is besides the point
sewdork (1:46:39p): I had not planned on telling jess
maddmartin74 (1:46:44p): that is not address my emotion behind what I feel
sewdork (1:48:10p): I am sorry that hurt you. . .i told Jess because she dragged it out of me, and i told Gretchen, because she happened to be there when I was done with class,
maddmartin74 (1:49:36p): i do not want to be working hard 50 hour weeks enhancing our way of life to be the last person to find out important information that effects your mood of thinking as a last in the list just because I am not around
maddmartin74 (1:49:43p): that is not how I wish to spend the rest of my days
sewdork (1:50:21p): what I emant to say, is that I wasn't goign to tell anyone. . .but Gretchen happened to be there and I just needed to get it out, and I already explained to you, I had to work that evening
maddmartin74 (1:50:43p): right, you were effected by something and you were not going to tell anyone
sewdork (1:51:05p): right
sewdork (1:51:30p): well no humans
maddmartin74 (1:52:47p): i stated at some point before computer issues about a significant other not necessarily being able to fix a problem but at least being there to help
maddmartin74 (1:53:03p): that, melissa, what I just described, to me, in my world, is intamecy
sewdork (1:54:01p): now can I explain something to you, I am not used to having a s.o to tell things like that, yeah I have Jess, but there are quite a few things I haven't told her. . .I am used to keeping it between me and God, and I had been working on telling you first, but then when our contact diminished I went back to the way things were before
maddmartin74 (1:55:00p): this is going to be cynical of me
maddmartin74 (1:55:10p): but I am going to use your own words against you from this chat alone
maddmartin74 (1:58:21p): "sewdork (12:28:05p): ok yes I remember you saying you were not a phone person, but then when we first meet and you call me everyday, and we talk for long amounts of time, then your ACTIONS are speaking much louder than your WORDS, so I hear you say you aren't a phone person, yet you call me quite a bit"
maddmartin74 (1:58:38p): your actions had you telling me tons of stuff you were claiming were not going through Jess or anyone else
maddmartin74 (1:58:47p): and then... it stopped
maddmartin74 (1:59:17p): so your explain goes against your actions
sewdork (2:00:13p): I am a little confused, you are saying that my actions were that I was telling you stuff, that I wasn't telling other humans? and then it stopped? and how does my explaination go against my actions
sewdork (2:00:14p): ?
maddmartin74 (2:00:46p): well, I take into this much "sewdork (1:54:01p): now can I explain something to you, I am not used to having a s.o to tell things like that, yeah I have Jess, but there are quite a few things I haven't told her. . .I am used to keeping it between me and God, and I had been working on telling you first"
maddmartin74 (2:00:50p): since after that, there is a but
maddmartin74 (2:01:14p): what is after the but would be viable in my mind, if the diminish you spoke of was 100% an issue because of me
sewdork (2:02:44p): it is not because of you. . .it is me, I will take full responsibility for that, it was just me going back to my old habits
maddmartin74 (2:05:27p): instictual drift... a trait where you "learn" an animal a behavior, like a cow to sit, and it instinctively goes back to what is more natural
sewdork (2:06:50p): yes. . .which is something I will hav eto work on if this relationship is going to continue
maddmartin74 (2:07:21p): well see that brings in a situation
maddmartin74 (2:07:31p): you are working really hard to change an aspect of your behavior
maddmartin74 (2:07:48p): changing other people is against one of my basic principles
sewdork (2:07:57p): an aspect that would have to change whether I was dating you or dating someone else
sewdork (2:08:07p): esp if any relationship is going to wrok
sewdork (2:08:49p): well at least that is how I feel about it
maddmartin74 (2:09:18p): but look at your excuse for being able to revert back
maddmartin74 (2:09:25p): ive seen this behavior before
sewdork (2:10:04p): before in me?
maddmartin74 (2:10:15p): in others
sewdork (2:10:24p): and then what does it have to do with me?
maddmartin74 (2:10:57p): well I am single
maddmartin74 (2:11:01p): then I meet you
maddmartin74 (2:11:14p): meaning at some point, about 8 times, I was not single
maddmartin74 (2:11:28p): I see where these other relationships went
sewdork (2:12:01p): yes. . .
maddmartin74 (2:12:19p): i broke up for a reason with these women
maddmartin74 (2:12:28p): the relaiotnship ended for a reason
maddmartin74 (2:12:40p): that vital communication link that I desire
maddmartin74 (2:13:16p): you say diminished contact... what is to not stop that from happening again?
sewdork (2:13:52p): well there is nothing to say it couldn't happen again. . .but now knowing what I do, as far as ims and leaving you messages stating a "deadline" or that i would like to talk to you
sewdork (2:14:43p): but maybe me knowing that now is too late
maddmartin74 (2:14:55p): {sigh}
maddmartin74 (2:14:59p): im not sure
maddmartin74 (2:15:12p): your trip to france gains closer grounds
sewdork (2:15:30p): yeah I know
sewdork (2:16:55p): whatever happens, it is going to take more than you breaking up with me to get rid of me as your friend
maddmartin74 (2:17:04p): hahaha
maddmartin74 (2:17:11p): well first off, I have no broken up with you
sewdork (2:17:18p): I know
sewdork (2:17:21p): I am just statinga fact
maddmartin74 (2:17:21p): second off... I do not shake as easily
maddmartin74 (2:17:25p): well good
maddmartin74 (2:17:41p): because even the times I questioned our relationship to that point, never did so our friendship
maddmartin74 (2:19:13p): i like to heal and teach
maddmartin74 (2:19:32p): i have always wanted to teach, but realized at some point in my existance that teaching was not going to support my liststyle
sewdork (2:20:18p): yes. . .
maddmartin74 (2:20:42p): i have this strange thing... where I just love to listen to people ramble, especially if it is about their own issues or problems
sewdork (2:21:43p): well I guess that is something I should remember, because I don't like/feel selfish/boring? when i ramble
maddmartin74 (2:22:39p): "I don't like/feel selfish/boring?" translate
sewdork (2:22:50p): I dunno how else to say it
sewdork (2:22:57p): that is why I used those three words
maddmartin74 (2:23:07p): okay
maddmartin74 (2:23:10p): this is what I see
maddmartin74 (2:23:21p): "I don't {blank} when I ramble"
maddmartin74 (2:23:26p): you dont what?
sewdork (2:23:31p): like
maddmartin74 (2:23:37p): "I dont like when I ramble"
maddmartin74 (2:23:46p): "I don't feel when I ramble"
maddmartin74 (2:23:55p): "I dont selfish when I ramble"
sewdork (2:23:55p): I feel selfish when I ramble
sewdork (2:24:01p): and I feel boring when I ramble
maddmartin74 (2:26:29p): and many numourous times I have talked about that and addressed those issues
sewdork (2:27:03p): yes you have, but I have not liked rambling longer than I have known you
maddmartin74 (2:27:15p): ah huh
sewdork (2:27:17p): and there are times when we talk and I ramble I get no response
maddmartin74 (2:27:27p): and to that i could say you would be able to use that excuse many times down the road
maddmartin74 (2:27:29p): or
maddmartin74 (2:27:36p): that it just goes to show how much you do not know me
sewdork (2:27:57p): explain
maddmartin74 (2:28:59p): someone who would truly know me would be the opposite
maddmartin74 (2:29:12p): someone who knew me of course would have been around me for some time
sewdork (2:29:28p): well as you have stated yourself, you are changing. . .and so I have to "relearn" you
maddmartin74 (2:29:41p): please
maddmartin74 (2:29:54p): since when has me wanting to listen to rambling changed?
maddmartin74 (2:29:57p): when?
sewdork (2:30:27p): I do not know. . .I am still trying to take in all the new changes. . .
maddmartin74 (2:31:06p): in taking in the new changes of my personality, what makes you erase ones that have shown NO signs of being altered?
sewdork (2:31:26p): not necessarily erase
maddmartin74 (2:31:35p): or alter
maddmartin74 (2:31:38p): or change even a slight bit
maddmartin74 (2:31:55p): that would be like saying, "well madd, now I question if you are going to be 100% honest since you have all these changes"
sewdork (2:31:55p): well I dunno if I would say alter, but sorta go back to a blank slate. . .because you have stated yourself many changes have happened
sewdork (2:32:22p): well that is to me a fundamental truth about Madd
maddmartin74 (2:32:52p): then once again your knowledge of me is shown to be little
maddmartin74 (2:33:03p): think back to what I said I do for all of you humans
maddmartin74 (2:33:08p): all this communication and the like
maddmartin74 (2:33:24p): all these hundreds and close to thousands of dollars that I put out for all of you
maddmartin74 (2:33:37p): what do I encourage those to do?
maddmartin74 (2:33:47p): page me, call me, leave me messages... what does that consitute?
maddmartin74 (2:33:49p): rambling
maddmartin74 (2:34:00p): mindless zombie state rambling in some instances
sewdork (2:34:01p): hmm I guess I never thought of it that way
maddmartin74 (2:38:25p): well now you have
sewdork (2:42:43p): yes I have. . .and I am sorry that I have forgotten about rambling. . .
maddmartin74 (2:43:08p): apology accepted
sewdork (2:44:33p): ok this really doesnt' hav ea lot ot do with our present convo
sewdork (2:44:34p): but
maddmartin74 (2:44:39p): that is fine
sewdork (2:44:49p): hy-vee is havin ga sale on your chunky soup
sewdork (2:44:56p): 4/$3
sewdork (2:45:02p): and I didnt know if maybe you wanted some more
maddmartin74 (2:45:11p): mmm
maddmartin74 (2:45:13p): that would be nice
sewdork (2:45:34p): I was going to pick some up for you yesterday when I was shopping, but I wasn't sure how many more you had left
maddmartin74 (2:46:19p): they have a shelf life of like... 2 or so years
sewdork (2:46:23p): oh!
sewdork (2:46:24p): ok
sewdork (2:46:27p): I didn't know that
sewdork (2:46:31p): I will pick you up some then
sewdork (2:50:10p): was there anything else we needed to talk about before you leave
sewdork (2:50:11p): ?
sewdork (2:50:14p): well not leave
sewdork (2:50:17p): but leave talking to me
maddmartin74 (2:50:24p): correct that statement
maddmartin74 (2:50:32p): it implies i am leaving just you
maddmartin74 (2:50:36p): that is incorrect
sewdork (2:50:42p): leave talkin gto everyone
maddmartin74 (2:50:49p): exactly
maddmartin74 (2:50:57p): you tell me
sewdork (2:50:57p): I was talking in reference
sewdork (2:51:02p): to our conversation
maddmartin74 (2:52:40p): you tell me, is in regards to the conversation
sewdork (2:52:56p): I meant my leave talking to me
sewdork (2:53:25p): I am working on writing telling you
sewdork (2:53:30p): but I am having problems with teh words
maddmartin74 (2:53:57p): i am posting this conversation to JOHD, minus your comments, and minus your name (keeping your comments) where I quoted you
maddmartin74 (2:54:06p): unless... you do not mind the whole thing being posted
sewdork (2:54:17p): my comments?
maddmartin74 (2:54:23p): yeah
sewdork (2:54:23p): go ahead post it all
maddmartin74 (2:54:29p): my comments for example... oh, okay
maddmartin74 (2:54:55p): i made a lot of points that people do not udnerstand me, and if they wish to, then here is their chance to better understand since so much juice is flowing through my brain
sewdork (2:55:03p): oh ic
sewdork (2:55:17p): well I am a little bothered by the fact you state you are not sure if there is any way to fix what is wrong with the communication in our relationship. . .I guess I feel that there has to be a way to fix it to keep our relationship
maddmartin74 (2:55:19p): want to wave to your mother when she reads this?
maddmartin74 (2:55:26p): hahaha
maddmartin74 (2:55:28p): dearest
sewdork (2:55:31p): I am not sure she reads lj anymore
maddmartin74 (2:55:33p): remember my higher belief
maddmartin74 (2:55:38p): anything in life is possible
sewdork (2:55:40p): yes
sewdork (2:55:46p): but you said you didn't think there was a way to fix it
sewdork (2:57:16p): maddmartin74: i believe that anything in life is possible
maddmartin74: and I state there is no apparent way to fix it"
maddmartin74 (2:57:23p): ah huh
maddmartin74 (2:57:26p): you are catching on
sewdork (2:57:28p): but
maddmartin74 (2:57:31p): no bt
maddmartin74 (2:57:33p): no but even
sewdork (2:57:39p): fine
sewdork (2:57:41p): no but
maddmartin74 (2:57:46p): "maddmartin74 (2:55:33p): remember my higher belief"
maddmartin74 (2:57:49p): higher belief
maddmartin74 (2:57:56p): that is what is to be focused on
sewdork (2:58:09p): if there is no way to fix it, then what is the point of continuing, esp since communication is so important to you?
maddmartin74 (2:58:22p): because Melissa... do you see me flying around without a plane or seeing Pink Floyd in person and even having them sing a song about me?
maddmartin74 (2:58:25p): at this point, you do not
sewdork (2:59:12p): no I do not
maddmartin74 (2:59:46p): exactly
maddmartin74 (2:59:52p): the higher belief states it IS possible
maddmartin74 (3:00:22p): i heard a beep, later
sewdork (3:00:30p): later

***\end chat Sewcute/***

**/start chat Gretl AKA Best Friend\**

(continued on next post due to LJ length limitations)

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