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The Power of Words - JOHD

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Apr 21st, 2003

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17:10 - The Power of Words
Well, JOHD... with school basically over, it is time for some... MASSIVE catching up.


Humans... many of you have sent emails, most of which have not really been read. Some of you have made JOHD comments or comments to LJ's that I have not read either. I have not been avoiding any of you, I simply have not been focusing any attention on it. I apologize, especially since I know some of you may have taken it personally, due to what you wrote, or just due to who you are. The catching up process will start with JOHD comments/LJ posts (realize I have barely been reading LJ's, this shall also be done at the same time).

Also, with extra time I expect a change in personality (again) with me getting use to my old schedule. I expect less than a week for me to rediscover who I am. School has been an extreme change to my life. Taking two upper level psychology courses can do that to a mind. Most of you should notice that I have better interaction skills with you. Some of you may also really not like how I have changed, especially with addressing information. By that, I mean I am more open and opinionated as to how I feel about humans on an individual level. Since honesty has not changed, this means I may address things about you, the human, that you may otherwise not want to hear. Even though my addressing the issue would not be to insult or attack you, some of you may see it that way, or, as with most humans, most of you would just rather not hear the truth.


Well... JOHD, I have work to do. I want to leave you with a quick something, and get use to it, since I plan to go psych(o) on you now that I have all this extra knowledge, hehehe.

"Words have power... there are ten English words that is is well to pay close attention to, to use with caution and with loving care.

I, You, They, It, But, Yes, No, Always, Never, Should.

If you were able to use these special words carefully it would already solve many contact problems created my misunderstanding." - Making Contact, Virgina Satir

It is amazing how one quick read of something so short and small was able to drastically change my perception and cognition of Reality. When I go more into these 10 words it will make more sense to you, JOHD. I feel you would enjoy it many times over.
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Current Music: "Sea Shrine" - FFO1 (background)

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