Madd Martin L Kroeger (madd74) wrote,
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Remember Maddness

No matter what they be, Madd, humans shall always disipoint you.  Whether a best friend, or someone you have known over 10 years, male, female, it does not matter, they shall all disipoint you, always.  That is the nature of the human beast.

There are those, however, who shall not disipoint or abandon you.  The Lord, for example, shall never do this.  Not even if your children and wife are taken away from you.  Not your vehicle explodes.  Nor your very mind taken and destroyed and you know it.  If the thing you look to most is taken away, your mind... you shall not be dissipointed.  God will always look out for you.  Today is 4/20/03.  It is not a weed holiday, it is a time when the Lord did command His son rise from the grave.  The Lord who died for our sins, since as humans we are all sinners.  {sigh} I thank thee, all powerful and mighty Lord Who makes all things possible.  I thank thee for putting up with my human ways, since I sin left and right some times without even giving thought to my sins.  I was born a sinner, and I see the reason why I was.  I thank you, Jesus Christ, for dying on the cross and returning to the heavens above this day.  While all humans will always dissipoint me due to their own sins and self centeredness, you Lord and your child shall never do as such.  For give me... I am a sinner... I sin every day without even realizing it.  I thank you for having the love to forgive me. Blessed be the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

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