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Battlefield Floyd

     Yeah baby this is what I need!  You know, I had cried myself to sleep as I was praying for my grampa and asking the Lord to not take him away.  I explained how I knew that when people had to go they had to go, and I asked that grampa Huetter be allowed to stay a little bit longer, because I did not want to go to his funeral any time soon.  Now that I think about it, the last time I cried was many moons ago.  I do not even remember the reason I would have cried.

     God works in funny ways.  I do love those ways, however.  I left the computer running so that I could hear Numb playing, and into the dream I go.  Part one involed me being in some sort of French class with other people.  The teacher was singing Comfortably Numb over and over again.  I was so insanely happy.  The way it worked, was everyone had to sing one of the words into the song some how.  There were about 10 or so other people in the class. Each time I would always be singing or humming along even though it was not my turn.  A little before it was my turn, someone turned the television on, and there was either digital cable or a satalite going on.  Some one turned it to a station that was playing "The Wall" and it was going with the music.  I was starting to go beyond euphoric.  Something was happening to my mouth, however, and I went out to get a drink.  I came back and sat there.  There was this strange metal thing in front of me that came alive.  It had Pink Floyd on it, and it was looking at me, and moved closer to me, and I reached up and petted it.  I was in such a state of bliss.  I then looked at the work sheet, and realized I was not which word to used.  I was afraid that I would use a word someone else did, and I could not understand most of the words.  I think they were all in Enlgish even.  The time came, and it was finally my turn, but I could not get any voice out at all.

     The next thing I know, I am involved in the movie Battlefield Earth.  Mind you, I have never seen this movie before.  Two people were talking about the children of Mars.  Then, there are about a few thousand people on one side with crazy pointer things moving towards another group of people with the same thing.  All you could see was people.  I kept jumping perspectives.  I was either third person looking at everyone from a slightly elevated distance, or, I was looking through John Travolta (who I think I was suppose to be at times) or I was looking third person right behind John.  The next thing I remember, I was in some suit, and the hood kept sliding to the side, and I could not see out of that part.  They were crazy hoods that you could barely see from.  Then, some girl grabbed me and started to lead me down a trail.  I told her how I was defenseless since I had no gun or weapon on me.  She said it was okay, she would protect me.  Then poof, I wake up to Comfortably Numb.  Damn, I am in such an ecstaticly great mood.

     So I jump on here, and what is the first thing that I get?

WannasmileS (10:36:01 AM): i need you today??

How do I reply?

Madd74 (10:36:08 AM)
: Wow, you need me?

Turns out that my friend here is going to get her eye pierced (again) and wants me in the room.  Always a sucker I am for a human in distress.  Part of my job description.

     Well, I should get ready to take off now.  Still need to work on those pounds, I am currently at 154.5, so once again I am dropping and having problems getting it back to 160.  Also, another Reality possibly saved around 0330a this morning.  One of those people who I thought had moved on and left me behind just may still have enough feelings in her to want to stick around to learn more of me (*waves at Nic*).  I felt so relieved after our chat.  It is the first chat in a long time where we had a lot to say to each other, even if I was soing most of the talking, haha.  When am I NOT doing most the talking in a chat with some one?

     Well, I hope I come back in one piece... or, I should say, I hope I am in one piece while I am home so I can come back.

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