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Lit of Change

Um... changes, JOHD, and a lot of them.

Updates can be found here:

Madd's MSN Community

(NOTE TO HUMANS: I do not plan to use JOHD for notification updates when I update my site or what have you.  Granted, I might insert shameful plugs for things I do on the net, however, I am not using JOHD for updates anymore.  At this point, until further notice, updates shall be via my MSN Community.  I will briefly explain how it works.  The site is free, and you do not even have to sign up to check it out.  However, you can sign up for free to take advantage of things such as email notifications.  I have a message board there.  There is also an interactive chat, so some of you may run across others I know and you can talk about me behind my back while I am at work.  Also, pictures and other things can be stored there.  If you sign up, you are allowed 30MB to use for all MSN groups you may have.  It is actually a rather cool deal.  In regards to updates, you can change how you get updates.  You can first off have updates sent from everything, and choose when it happens, per day, week, etc, or you can go as far as just being updated when a certain thing is updated.  Any problems or questions about set-up can be asked, and I will do my best to help.)

(SUB NOTE TO HUMANS: I updated my MSN place with FFO1 Lich shots, mainly two pictures and a full motion video.  Go to the link above to check it out.)

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