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Curiosity, tests, family, babies and time.

     Eeks!  Someone sedate me!  This is no good at all, I have way too much energy.  The problem with meeting new Realities is that some of them push a curiosity level above the normal levels.  Curiosity on how people are is just something that has always been an issue with me.  Usually, time is a "healing" factor.  I find for the most part, they get bored, or run out of things they want to talk about, and what have you.  Do not get me wrong, some times it is not good to be healed.  I find only when I have dropped my guard enough to get respect for someone, only to have them move on in life, well, I guess that is just one more person who took a piece of my life, and after getting it, took off.  To date, I think that number is around 30?  Some stick it through, even when some of my most difficult tests come flying their way (*waves at Maur*).  If I was wearing a hat, I would tip it in the direction of all who have put up with me, one of the most difficult beings to date.  Of course, I am not wearing pants, let alone a hat.  Being difficult was never anything I attempted to be.  I get closer and closer to understanding what may cause my subconsious is up to.  Some time I expect to be totally aware.  While by theory, it is said to not be a possible thing, I like to think of the saying, "There is an exception to every rule."

     Big day today, after I wake up.  I have some partying to do.  This is no ordinary partying.  We are talking my family, and further, mother's side of the family.  Haha, these are the people who when together, almost get kicked out of resturants.  Yeah, brings an interesting meaning to the term "family oriented".  I notice of late I have been spending a lot more time invovled with family.  I am sure there is something behind there.

     I never seem to do things in chronilogical order.  Work was interesting.  I actually was talking to people about the fact I have been thinking of adopting or having someone carry my kid (saragent mother, pardon my horid spelling of that).  One lady actually made a comment how she would do that for me.  She might have been serious, or dear heavenly me.

     Er, moving forward?  I guess so.  Ha ha, nothing but computer for me!  Chatting away.  Met yet another Reality, I guess, had some things to think about.  Also, the conversations I have with an old friend are picking up once again.  We sort of stopped talking for a while, and I am estatic that she is conversing with me again (*waves at Jacy*).  One of the Realities I thought to be lost... but some how... the ties are back.

     FFIV... still dictating my life, I see.  While the past two days have rendered me free of crazy sleep patterns, I would still give up a good chat with someone to ensure that I get my gaming business done.  Ha ha... according to my calculations, with me going back home, I may not get to play on Sunday.  I wonder if the thought of that will give me nightmares?  As long as I remember the dreams, that is most important.  Dreams, the gateway into that which we are always looking for answers to: our inner self.

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