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Ah Ha and Tee-Hee!! - JOHD

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Mar 31st, 2003

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13:09 - Ah Ha and Tee-Hee!!
JOHD, I feel much better.  Wow, I had a few things stored up in me, eh?  I am getting ready to eat, translate the quiz, and a few other things.  You have always been around me Madd, even when Madd has not been around for you.  Your love is unselfish to the ultimate level.  I feel only God's love is more powerful.  Yeah, I have mentioned this many times before, you being here for me when I am not for you.  I am human, still, and of course I still have a few issues to work on.  Well, right now I am going to work on my quiz.  I totally spaced that I have a test tomorrow also, and I only leave work at 1130p today.  I think some of my frustration and rants that flew from me last waking night was feeling... well... just that overall feeling of people who attempt to keep using me, people who are letting me down (and there is a lot more to this), and people who expect me to make wine from water.  You know, I could easily do that last one, it would just taste nasty at this point, mwahaha!!  Humans... I tell you, they are a strange bunch.  Oh... yeah... also I have felt a loss, not being as important to people as I originally was to them.  I think you are the only one who could have handled my rage and walked away from it unscathed as you did.  Any human would have, most undoubtedly, folded.  I would not blame a human who would, it is just that I would not want to inflict such extremes upon a human.  So thank you for looking out for me.  Now... it is time for the poopies!!

hEhEhE!!  Dude, you sure are strange!

"Ahhhhh... caNAdian grass!!" - Rabbit
Current Mood: refreshedrefreshed
Current Music: "Atom Heart Mother" - Pink Floyd, Atom Heart Mother (t1)

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Date:Apr 2nd, 2003 07:32 (UTC)
Oh... yeah... also I have felt a loss, not being as important to people as I originally was to them

Not as important to whom?

{{HUG}} I wish you would quit having these kinds of crises when I'm out of the STATE!!! Makes me wary of leaving Iowa. *gryn*

I love you, Maddness. I hurt when I found out you were hurting... and I wasn't here to hug you, or just be there for you. I have absolutely no idea at this point (and won't until I hear from you) whether any of this had anything to do with me. It doesn't make any real difference to me in the sense that I would have wanted to be here for you regardless. You were hurting and I wasn't here to help.


I haven't heard back from you as of yet in response to a page I sent you when I got home last night... I don't know, of course, whether you got it but I will page you again when I get back from looking at an office this morning.

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Date:Jul 5th, 2003 14:24 (UTC)
Mair, you, Sewcute... and just a few others... some of them dropped... but I think you stuck around for a bit from the time it happened... it goes back to that diagram we did where you showed me, graphically, on the small dot large dot and then the bar graph (or time line, possibly).

i hope I replied to that page you were talking about?

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