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BooYa Mag Light! - JOHD

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Mar 19th, 2003

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12:08 - BooYa Mag Light!
Ah, most excellent. The old 17" monitor... I thought I was starting to lose my eye sight. I was experiencing the same thing at work. Well, I ended up pulling out the old 21" and all I can say is...

I CAN SEE AGAIN!  It will take my eyes a while to adjust, however, this is all good.  I noticed that my eyes were starting to strain and I was not looking forward to using the computer since I was doing many things to attempt to correct the eye strain but failed.  NOW I have succeeded.  There is much to be done, JOHD.  For the longest time, I have known what is wrong with madd, but did nothing true about it.  We simply work on the one thing that gives me the most problems, and that would be time management.  Since there has been an increase in my memory, something previous thought near impossible to correct, then I can CERTAINLY work on something such as time manegement.  In fact, the increase in memory means that time management will come easier.  I will remember to use my time better.  Unfortunately, this could mean a decrease in time spent with those who are close to me.

So, as a note to the humans out there, while getting email and messages and phone calls is really cool, I simply ask that as my friends, you understand that if I make a comment in your LJ, or send an email and you send it back, I am not ignoring it due to anything of you.  I am attempting to manage my time, and right now, I am behind on many things.  These things are important to correct.  Once everything gets corrected, then replying to your emails, comments, and simply being on-line to chat with you will INCREASE.  Thus, the more things I catch up with, the more I can spend with you all.  I give this note and will repeat it since a few of you have been told this before and the actions you show (also through words) tells me that this information is not processing properly in your mind.

School is important to me.  For those who know this, I ask for patience with me getting to your emails and comments.  School is behind, and now I shall work on it more to get it up to speed.  I currently am pulling off at least TWO A's, of which one is confirmed and the other is just a given.  My last class... well... I am behind in quizzes and tests so who knows.  I still recognize the importance of certain things, and would just ask for anything extremely important you want replied to, simply put 911 some where in the subject.  While I may read email and not reply to it, if I ever see this I will take this as something important to you to be addressed now and thus I shall do just that, a reply the second I see it.

Well... there is work to be done, and I have energy to do it.
Current Mood: productiveproductive

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