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Taking the Long Way Home

     Some times I love my abilities in the 5th dimentional realm.  Too bad I let that ability be tainted by the surroundings of society.  Well, no 4 hour ramblings of confusion for myself today... or should I say for those who grace my electronical mind.  I decided not to return to my 3 hour drive today, but instead leave tomorrow.  I am not sure when I will have access to a computer, so, not sure when I will be seeing anyone.  Also, I am actually going to shut AIM down.  My computer has just become too unstable.

     No!  I do not want the song to end, oh man, let's do something like that again.  So, what did I do yesterday after work?  Er... I played FFIV.  I... um... came into my room and got on the computer.  Yeah, there is diversity in my life.  I did play Tetrinet for a while, and found out that I lose hand eye coordination at wee hours of the night.  I also finally broke down yesterday and admitted to myself that I currently have a horrible concept of time management.  I will correct that.  So on that note, I should go get ready for work.

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