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Test Your Abilities, Baby - JOHD

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Mar 13th, 2003

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14:55 - Test Your Abilities, Baby

Answer the following question:

"What would happen if there were no more babies?"

You can answer the question sarcastically, however, that will not say much as to how you think. Of course, I am not forcing anyone to do anything.

I do not forsee that as my style.
Current Mood: beyond mentally active
Current Music: mental music

[[5 comments | Train your Brain]]


[User Picture]
Date:Mar 13th, 2003 13:28 (UTC)

Oh, boy.

Well. My first thought was that people would have tons and tons and tons of sex since there would be no need for birth control. Obviously STD's are still an issue.

However, the sexual urge stems from the organism's need to procreate so I'm not sure how that would affect things.

The world would eventually return to a somewhat more balanced state environmentally, since people would die and not be replaced and so the overpopulation problem, the pollution problem... well, LOTS of environmental problems that stem from humanity would disappear eventually. I'm reminded of The Matrix and how they saw humans...as a virus, a weed choking out everything else.

Psychologically... WHOA. Part of the urge to procreate is to further your own genes... to feel somewhat like you're immortal in some way. That would no longer be an issue. I wonder if that would lead to hopelessness, an overwhelming despair? After all, after these people die, the animals and plants will take over again...so why bother?

People often use the reason of "We're trying to make a better life for those that come after us" to justify something they do... that would no longer be an issue. Would that lead to decay of values? Would human life be more or less sacred? I can see it going either way.

I think the elders would become more respected... listened to more. I also suspect that humanity would race madly to attempt to find a solution to this "problem" of non-procreation. Scientific booms would occur. The tabloids would be full of rumors of prengnancy... not of celebrities, but of ordinary people.

Good grief. Our entire society would CHANGE. Because, really, much in society revolves around children...

Wow. What an insane notion, I want to think about this some more.

*scampers off to think*
[User Picture]
Date:Mar 14th, 2003 06:28 (UTC)
Plane rides would be quieter.

My youth group job wouldn't exist. (At this point, that's a GOOD thing.)

I would be more likely to get a seat on the subway in the mornings.

I don't need a legacy. Kids are a pain in the arse.
[User Picture]
Date:Mar 16th, 2003 11:24 (UTC)
it has come to my attention JOHD, the reason that the Master of Maddness refers to me as sewcute (online), it because that is how he references me to you. . .yes my sn is sewcute, yes my email is sewcute. . .but I would much rather prefer Melissa. . .or Missy (but its seems if Madd says my name he says Melissa), but whichever. . .
So maybe this will clear things up, and Madd will stop refering to me as sewcute
Thank you
[User Picture]
Date:Mar 16th, 2003 11:53 (UTC)

Well, quite obviously, the human race would eventually die out. As has been previously mentioned, the Earth would then hypothetically get "better", but I wonder if the damage that has already been done wouldn't be able to be fixed so things would just keep getting worse anyway. Before the population died out, the economy would colapse when all of the companies that depend on children's parents to buy them things quickly went out of business when the babies first quit coming. My guess is that society would degenerate with how bad everyone's attitude would be with the depressing circumstances of a collapsing economy and the eminent demise of the human race. Not to mention all of the women who would have no reason to live if there were no babies to dote over.
Date:Mar 18th, 2003 15:43 (UTC)
There would be no more joy. And, unless people came into existance another way, the human race would eventually die in less than 100 years. This would be from Mair

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