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Brain Defect Detected

Um... as I shut Alex's door, I heard strange bizzare bird sounds.  Under a truck, I noticed that a bird was sitting on the beak of another bird, and it appeared to be attempting to crack its skull open.  The attacking bird would chirp every now and them while the other bird was screaming bloody murder.  The defending bird would move around, however the other attacking bird had a death grip on it.  It would keep pecking and pecking at the head of the other bird as if attempting to kill it.  I was sexually aroused when seeing it, despite the fact I could tell these birds were not engaging with anything sexual.  I think I dislocated my brain.  I feel there is something disturbingly wrong with me.  If they were attempting to have sex I could understand a deep down subconscious response to sexual arousal... however... this was anything but that.  I was not thinking of any females either, so I know that was not the case.  I kept thinking "violence" in my mind, and realized that I was being turned on.

Maybe I should invest in being a mass murderer.  Maybe death and violence turns me on.  Groovy... I am going to go stand in a tub filled with water while I cook bread in a toaster in my hands and sing "Red Rubber Ball".

On a lighter note, I am going to post my family dothing bobber.  It will even have my drawing that took a year to do in WordPerfect since it sucks nut sacs.

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