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The Feelings Not Reflecting the Behavior

I am going to go play games, JOHD.  Despite all that requires to be done, I am going to go play a game.  I am looking most likely at FFT.  I have not played it in ages, however, I might do MP4.  Plans have changed since I decided to take tomorrow off from work, since, I feel this is the only solution to getting everything done.  I also want to eat, and I just realized that I have not played a game in a long time, minus FF7 played a while back, however, since I deleted everything, AND the fact that it is Square's sad attempt to make you do everything they want as opposed to actually running around fighting beasts (like the old FF), I would hardly call it much of playing a game.

So... I shall endulge myself... and be happy, that I am finally playing a game.

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