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More On Annoyance - JOHD

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Mar 5th, 2003

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19:25 - More On Annoyance
My annoyance was shown at work today, as once again I let loose on the Swanson's people and thei'r BS we are going to charge you 32 cents for a small portion of ranch crap.  Also... there was something else, however, I could not rememeber who it was.

OH YEAH!!  People like MSN and Yahoo that have check boxes for "Remember my ID and Passcode" and the damn thing dissapears withing a FREAKING DAY!!  There is no way I have my cookies do that, at least, I do not think so.  Okay, just as I thought, they are not set to expire or anything like that.  MSN appears to be worse than Yahoo.  Now, I do not MIND if someone logs me out from my computer to check their stash.  HOWEVER DON'T PUT A DAMN BUTTON THERE TO ALWAYS HAVE LOGGED IN WHEN YOU ARE NOT DOING IT!!

Yeah, that has annoyed me for years, and I feel better now, mwahaha!!
Current Mood: annoyedannoyed
Current Music: Madd farting

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