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Quote Thy Comic - JOHD

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Feb 25th, 2003

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13:39 - Quote Thy Comic
This quote was taken from Roger Ebert, and just help bring some relief to the tension from completing the test today in 1P.

"She and Daredevil are powerfully attracted to each other, and even share some PG-13 sex, which is a relief because when superheroes have sex at the R level, I am always afraid someone will get hurt."

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Date:Feb 25th, 2003 11:44 (UTC)


That's a great point, and I have to admit I've always wondered about sex with a superhero... I mean, tights are hard to get in and out of. And that constant stimulation of odd chemicals in the body, as well as being in tight clothes all the time...what does THAT do to the sexual organs and such? Hmmm... great topic of thought for the rest of the afternoon... *gryn*

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