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Summary of Charges

My brain is overloaded... my 930a class seems to do that, especailly when I keep hearing, "Men typically..." "Females typically..." and of course I always... no wait, I ALWAYS fall in lines in how a woman is to act in a relationship.  Yet, my true problem does not arise from there... that is just many minor things that add to the big thing.  I keep hearing two sides of the story.  Marry for this, keep in a marraige for this, don't raise a child alone, don't live together first... and then... I am bombarded with... don't marry for this, get out of a marraige for this, raise a child by yourself, live with the person first.

It is amazing I was able to get one of the highest scores possible on the test.  Ever since both sides have come up, this class racks my brains.  It makes me question things... it makes me question myself and my abilities as a life partner to another being.  Main reason for that?  It gets me to think.  Ironically enough, it was a WOMAN in the class that brought up the point that one of the books we had been reading, and the tests in the book to self-test yourself, was making her think too much.  YET BY ITS VERY DEFINITIONS OF THIS BOOK IT SHOULD BE A MALE WHO WOULD MENTION SUCH A THING.  Thinking too much... she said that and I think the mind went from there.  I am the thinker, and always have been.  I continously think, even when I would rather there be complete silence.  I think of a few humans in my time who have had a strange ability to knock out all ability to think... and there was silence, and I enjoyed it for the small time I had it.  However... that is just because all I do is think, about, everything.  I do not feel I think too much, per say as it is defined by society.  I think I can think too much in regards to I am always thinking about everything, and a lot of that side tracks my mind, and that is how I end up forgetting things.  I am mentally reminding myself to do something... I start to think about something related to that, and that leads to thinking about something else related to that, and it turns into the telephone game.  I maybe started thinking about how I have to take out trash, and end up on how the Omega Pirate is a piece of trash I am taking out.  THAT is my problem.

Ah... I feel better... I figured something else out, most excellent.  I am going to go take care of my woman at her earliest stage.

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