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Postal on the Holidays

     I have not been under 153.5 lbs. since March 21. I am not sure what is happening, but I want back around my average weight of 158.  Also, I am tired of having to shut my computer down often since it is so unstable, and many programs are acting freakish now.  WinAmp is really acting strange, as is attempting to shut down my computer.  AIM also acts goofy, and as for Netscape, well, I am not even going there.  Of course, there was that problem I had with the Sims, but, well, yeah, stupid technology .  I am going to attempt to record Stingray playing today at that station, but I could only afford to take one hour off work, and RealPlayer is going into an infinate buffer loop around 17 minutes after listening to that WSUM that I am listening to now.  That means, I will have like 17 minutes of him playing, which will most likely be nothing but commercial, then I will have dead air, and a lot of it.  This is just not my day, oh well, at least I am not depressed, that is a good thing.  Hey hey, I actually have someone who has tagged along with the desmoines community I created.  So that is the good thing of the day.

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