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Bring on the Pain

     Mwahaha!! The very life force that drives me. How ironic. Life Force. Before I knew of this phrase, it was a game. Ah, actually, it was more than a game. I remeber the times of old, the very old, before there was a device known as a NES. That old 8 bit system that would turn around the world. I was in the video arcade. I had nother to thank for that, since way back then, I would not have been old enough to drive or anything. Heck, no job, not for someone around the age of 13 or so. (RIEDE, WHERE DID YOU GO, DUDE?) However, there it was, a game known as Life Force. I am not exactly sure what drew me to the game. I am sure my mother had something to do with it. She brought me into Darius. I remember in that game, the right buttons were broke, so she would smash down on the left ones while I drove the ship. Ladies... if you ever wish to show your youngsters how much you really care, do what my mother did. Take interest in what they do. Many moons later, I rememeber saving up my money for this thing called a Nintendo Entertainment System (NES). I saved up, however, my loving parents (loving also to each other at the time) would get the system for me. I am not sure what I did with the $100 I had saved for the system. I do remember, however, that I went to get the system with mother. I was so excited, and I got one game to get when I bought the system. It was Life Force. Konami made one of the greatest games ever, and I do not think they realize how much so that was true. Even when I took it home, I would play it, and play it, and do so forever. Aye, forever, a long time, and that is how long I played this game. Mother would actually play the two player mode with me. I do not remember her skills, but it was all about the fact she was playing with me. A reason I have a love for her deeper than most people. Possibly so more than father. Of course, it was her plan all along to have me, but that is a twisted story I shall not go into now.

     There was, of course, one other reference to Life Force. A movie... a twistedly dark movie. You may wish to stop reading if you have not seen the movie. I just might ruin some information for you about this most... WONDERFUL movie. I guess one would say it is a horror movie. I would go well beyond that, like like the so called game Konami made is something well beyond a game. It cannot even be seen as a game, just ask Stingray. He knows. I showed him the truth. One of the rare few who could handle the truth for what it was. Anyway, if you are still reading, then you must not care how the movie goes. Patrick Stewart is in it. Aye... good old Jéan-Luc Picard plays the part of Dr Armstrong, and he gets ripped apart. Mwahaha!! Not a pretty site, and if you have youngsters in the room, you may wish to run them along at this point. I remember the first few times that I watched this horror, that I thought it was real. Aye, real. As if it had happened. It captivated me that much. A naked vampiric female runs around sucking the life from people. She takes their life force from them, and they in turn become vampires. These are vampires in ways that no Bram Stroker, or anyone else, could ever portray in this stunning way. I remember when I made the connection, that I was playing a video game, and seeing a movie, with the same name, and how enthrulled I was into both of them. Ironically, the movie was released in 1985, and the video game came out in 1986. However, the game was the sequal to the infamous Graduis. Graduis came out in 1985, but seeing as how the movie and game were the same year, I do not think Konami made any connection there. Mmm... it feels so wonderfully good. The music that I speak of is the remixed version of what Life Force players would call "boss" music. It is better known as Salamander Fire Dragon music, however, I think it should actually be called Maddian Force Music. It drives so much force into me. I have cleaned when I would otherwise not. I have done things that I would otherwise not do. Most importantly, I have stayed awake as long as this music plays. Even in my darkest times, when I fight, almost as if attempting to stay alive, Maddian Force music has energized me with full power. The remix version that I actually listen to via MP3 is track four from a disc called Konami Shooting Battle Perfect Sellection, and that song in itself is a perfect selection. If you compare it to the original, putting speakers directly to your brain, you can hear it all, assuming your headphones are good quality. On that disc, it is known as Gradius Boss Fire dragon, and you can hear a snip by peaking at, and checking out track four, of course.

     Where was I? I so do not remember. I took a quick little trip back to my home world. Something I rarely do, but I just feel so energized. So beyond enthralled. I am in a stasis of being that no mere human, whether it be female or not, could ever take me. That brings me to a great wonderful journey.

     One thing I love to do when I go to the club (Generations) on Wednesday is to drink. Of course, the main reason I would be there. Especially since it is free drinks from 0800p to 1000p. I may leave work at 0900p, however, I have plenty of time to scarf down some drinks. Well, this time is no different. More so than usual, I find myself scoping out the humans. I like to watch them interact with each other, it brings Madd much entertainment. Seeing guys scoping on women, hoping to score, and seeing women doing their best to use their bodies to take advantage of the poor scripted souls known as men. On many occassions it has been tempted on me. In the past, I would give in, to what I thought was kindness. After all, I do my best to spread as much kindness as possible. However, I wonder how much of it was nothing more than the hidden pane to my own existance. Well, I had easilly corrected that. I think of a few women who have "grinded" up against me, and how I thought nothing of anger for them tossing their bodies at me, with the possibility to spill my drink! The nerve of those creatures, thinking they can take tantalizing bodies and thrush them up against me, as if I would do them a favor. I did a favor by not slapping them across the face is what I did. It matters no what the package shows. I do not think intellectual women actually hang out in that place. It is not a place for intulectual people. Some would wonder what I would do there, seeing as how I have made claim to such fame of a pleatura of cognition. I like to watch. I enjoy seeing people in what would be known as their "altered" states. One thing about alcohol, which many disregard, or just cannot come to grasps, is that it shows true colors. I start to recognize the faces that I see, and that means easier time of understanding what they are up to. No good, from what I usually see. I am no perfect being myself, I mean, do not get me wrong. However, there are some basic concepts of humanity that I will always be able to understand and carry out, even when my mission of shedding the skin of human onto the more wonderous world of Maddian, or possibly something else, has completed. It is something I shall carry out for. It is something I shall achieve. They say there is exceptions to every rule. That means to the exception itself. True, that brings the paradox of God, the mightiest of all beings, able to do anything, into thought as how can one who can do anything make a boulder that She is unable to lift. Making a rock that one cannot lift... because in the eyes of humans, God can do anything (those who believe), and that means God can make the largest of boulders that She can always lift, but it should incude the fact the most powerful being in all existance should be able to make a rock He cannot lift. Black and white... that is the realm that the human lives in. It is sad. The limitations of everything that are places onto the facets of imagination. That of dream and desire.

     Some times a person finds themself walking down the path of life, through the forest of existance. At times, they stray from the path, and do their best to return, but it turns out they take another path. So goes my journey, as I work on my web page some more. Ah... fun...
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