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Failed attacks of stupidity

     I remember way back, when I was like 19 or something like that, and people would talk about how age does make a difference (in reference to dating), and how I use to totally disagree.  Well, after speaking to someone I will refer to as Bill, since I am not sure what his real name is, I see that age really does play a part on the mentality of others.  I see why there are age limits to things, even though I still think we would be better off without them.  Idiots who have no concept of how to act anywhere near their age.  I had a chat with someone who I thought I knew, but turned out to be Bill using my friend's account, and he just being one of the more ignorant people I have chatted with to date.  At first it was all humorous, but then it was the same monotonous name calling over and over, and that charted no interest to me at all.  May you never have children, Bill, for if you do, and you are the one to raise them... well... that is just more idiots that will have to go for the Darwin awards.

     I cannot believe that exaustion came to me around 1120p!  Am I getting old or something?  What in the world is happening here?  This is the kat who use to stay up until at least 0600a.  I mean, we can recap the day.  I woke up... oh I already wrote that part down.  Oh yeah, I know where I left off.  I beat Final Fantasy IV!  WhooHoo!  He is not so big and bad when he is not able to do his 3 2000 HP Big Bang on me in a row now is he.  So I slowed him down.  I will continue to pump my characters up.  They will make level 99, just as every other FF game, minus FF I which only went to 50.  I will even sit there for a few, and wait.  So after that I went to hang out with my friend Shelly.  It was time for some Moch 10.  She had friends over.  Some of them are your typical people, it did not take me long to notice this.  They were watching that tainted and horrible channel of M TV, where the M stands for multilated beyond watchable.  It was the "Real World", which as far as I am concerend, is crap, along with anyone else MTV would air at this date.  These friends of hers would up and comment on everyone in there, how ugly they were, how fat, or stupid, and everything else.  They would be the judge as if these people were so far into perfect.  It is so sad that the mind of some individuals catch this type of personality in their perceptual screens.  Alas, it happens.  It may slightly possibly be different if these friends hated the show, or were in a situation such as myself, where I am sittong on the floor, and unable to really escape.  No, these are people who know each character by heart.  They are people who, if they met these not so "real" world people, would be all so buddy like to them.  Haha, and people wonder why I analyze things so much.  To protect myself from humans such as this.  That is the reason I can adopt a child, or have somone be nothing more than a bun cooker for 9 months, provided legal documents are signed stating that these people will NEVER be able to have or see these children ever any way any how.  Aye, I think about it more each day.  I am not sure how it started, but I know it did, and here I am, thinking about it.  Anyway, it is always great when a "who is all there" check is made, and everyone is mentioned minus me.  This coming from the person who was lucky enough to get a ride all the way 20 some miles one way thanks to my hospitality.  I can see why there is so much hate in this world.  I can see why there is so much anger, and little people like Bill running around, wanting to just pick a fight.  Is it too much to ask people to open their eyes to the world around them?  Is it too much for people to up and see there is more than themself, that they are not the only one who exist, and that deep down, they are nothing more than a speck of dirt on this planet, who will not even be thought of 1000 years down the road?  Maybe if they knew this fact, they might not be so angry, because why be angry when no one will remember you for sure.  Some would argue, use names like Hitler, Dalhmer, Manson.  Yeah, I guess I can see the point, nevermind then I am just blowing hot air.

     Anyway, so, after they had gone, Shelly was kind enough to enforce the fact we were going rollerblading.  Eeks... just put a gun in my hand while you are at it.  I have rollerskated quite a few times, and I do enjoy the sport, however, this is something different, and the fact remains, she wants to do it in the dark in 100 degree weather.  While it may not have actually been that hot, the fact remains that I was literally dripping with sweat.  It was all over me, and when everything was said and done, my clothes were the same.  So, all this may explain why I am so drained of energy.  Then I come home and yes, boys and girls, take my shower well long after I ever would.  But waking me up that did not.  The only reason I am up right now is thanks to the glorious Poison that runs through my ears, "Poison of Snake" (AKA Salamander Boss Music). This is the hardest of rock.  I guess because the original was made from some small 8 bit system (and arcade, I guess), and this has a supped up hard playing rock guitare with all the trimmings, not to mention a killer bass and some bone waking drums with wild percussion ripping in the background.  No way this guitare is synthisized.  Possibly everything else, but there are some things you just cannot reproduce at this quality.  I highly recommend everyone find a copy some where, and strap on some head phones.  Just make sure you are not planning to sleep any time soon.

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