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How it Works (note to humans) - JOHD

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Jan 29th, 2003

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13:37 - How it Works (note to humans)
Okay, soon, there is going to be a day to day update of my life, and it is important that the human populous understands how it works.  There are five ways that a post can be posted and they are in order from most open to most secure:

Friend Only
Special Group Only
Public Hidden

Public means that the entire world can see the entire day.  There are no restrictions.
Friend Only means that everyone as defined by my friend's list would be able to see it only.
Special Group means that only a select few people in the special group would be able to see the post.
Public Hidden means that the world will see the post, but questionable information will be censored (it is stored locally for me so I know what happened that day).
Private means only God, JOHD, or Madd will know what happened that day.

THE MOST IMPORTANT THING TO KEEP IN MIND IS THAT IF YOU ARE ON A LIST AND A POST IS DEFINED AS A PART OF THAT LIST, YOU SHARE NOT THE INFORMATION WITH ANYONE.  TALKING ABOUT SOMETHING THAT HAPPENED ON A DAY TO OTHER PEOPLE WHO ARE NOT ON THE LIST IS A MASSIVE VIOLATION OF MY TRUST IN YOU AND THE FRIENDSHIP YOU CLAIM TO HAVE WITH MADD.  While I do not expect everyone to read this entire post of the examples, ANYONE WHO IS ON MY FRIEND'S LIST AND READS THIS SHOULD DEFINITELY READ THIS PART AND UNDERSTAND IT.  Those who have any confusion what I am talking about should post a comment, or speak to me in person.  I am not here to violate the trust of anyone.  I expect you people who I trusted to add to my friend's list to also respect others on this list.  If at any time I find out that ANY friend has violated my trust, or the trust of my other friends, YOU WILL BE REMOVED FROM THIS FRIENDS LIST.  If at any point in me knowing you, you do things to VIOLATE MY TRUST, you shall also be removed.  Furthermore, violating trust in this grounds could mean I stop associating with you in real life, whether it be in person, chat, etc.  If this statement has your attention, I MORE than encourage you to read on to understand how everything works.  Questions more than welcomed.

For this example, I am using the following variables:

Jack is a friend on my friend's list
Jill is a friend on my friend's list
Bob is a friend on my friend's list
Jane is a friend on my friend's list
John is a friend on my friend's list

Jack and Jill are in special friend group A
John and Jane are in special friend group B

The day is Maddate 010101.17 (Jan 1st, 2001, Monday, emotional level 7)

This is what happened that day:

-Jill called: wanted to stay over
-Jane called: wanted to stay over
-FFT (meaning playing Final Fantasy Tactics)
-Jill arrives: passionate kisses
-Jane arrives
-Jill and Jane make out on couch
-Jill and Jane: sex, Madd takes pictures
-slept: all in bed
-Jill leaves
-sex: Jane
-Jack calls: not liking Jill is a slut, propblems urinating, FFT stratagies, etc
-John calls: wishes Bob would die, cheese issues, wants Jill and Jane in threesome, general chat
-stupid callers wish would die are very stupid
-return pad
-Bob calls: drunk and had sex with 6 women at once, no condom

(Please note these humans do not exist, nor are any of the events meant to have really happened, this is merely an example)

JOHD is my close friend.  She has two purposes in my life.  Purpose one is to keep me informed of what I have been doing in my life, and what important events happen in a given day.  I talk to her more now through the use of work.  I write my day down while I am at work, and email the results back to me.  Afterwards, these evens are then translated so that I totally do not forget what things mean, as shown back when I put mcd and had no clue it was McD (McDonalds).

The second purpose of JOHD is to keep people informed as to what is going in on my life, how I have been feeling, and dealing with life.  If I am pissy with someone, they have the ability to communicate with JOHD.  That is the reason JOHD is on the web as opposed to kept secert locally on my computer.  When interacting with me directly, realize that whatever it is you are doing with me, you are giving sole permission to let me tell the rest of the world.  Don't kiss me if you don't want it public, don't have sex with me if you don't want it public, etc.  There are a few excptions to that specific rule.  Also note that there are times someone will TELL me something, about happening in their life.  This is different than interacting with me directly. In the example above, Jill and Jane have sex, and I am not directly involved. However, Jill kisses me and Jane has sex with me.  This is direct interaction.  There are times when things should not be brought to the entire world.  Jack has issues with Jill, and wants to talk to me about it.  He may not want Jill or anyone else to know what is said, and that is something I can respect, so, there are ways to get around having the whole world know but still feel safe to talk to me about it.

First off, anyone who reads JOHD, and knows they read JOHD, should attempt to INFORM Madd shortly after the event that information given is not information they want the world to know. Realize that posting on a livejournal account allows for friends only, and even a special list of people. So it works like this.

I may question if information should be shared with the world.  In the above case, each friend may not want the world to know, but would not care if a small group knew about it.  Bob may know someone on the planet who has an LJ account at the party he was at, and would not want that person by freak chance to find out about the 6 women, but would trust everyone on my friends list to know and would not care.  If Bob was the ONLY person who wanted a restriction, then the post would simply go to a friends only post.  Jack, Jill, John, Jane, and Bob would be the only ones to see it.

In the case of Jack, he may not want Jill to know how he feels about her, at least at this time.  He trusts John and Jane, and does not mind if they know what is going on.  He has THREE options.  Special Group, Public Hidden, and Private.  If he did Special Group, it would go to Special Group B, where John and jane are.  AS ALREADY STATED, IT WOULD BE IMPORTANT THAT JOHN AND JANE SHARE THIS DAY WITH NO ONE BUT JOHN, JANE, JOHN, AND MADD.  It would not matter if it was about the group sex, or me having sex with Jane or kissing Jill.  Even though Jack is just not wanting Jill to know how he feels about her, John and Jill are not allowed to talk about anything of this day to anyone minus those three people.

Jack could also choose Public Hidden.  Public Hidden would look like this in a post:

-Jill leaves
-sex: Jane
-Jack calls: {censored}
-John calls: wishes Bob would die, cheese issues, wants Jill and Jane in threesome, general chat

In this case, what Jack and I talked about is censored.  The rest of the world can know the information that happened, but only God, Jack, and Madd would know what really happened.

I would project that the most confusing part of this is understanding Public Hidden and Special Group.  Anything that is NOT public will have a disclaimer as the very first part of the chat if it is targetted to a group.  Such as:

"The following post is a FRIENDS ONLY post.  Do not share this information with anyone outside of comments to JOHD".  Keep in mind comments made in JOHD are still kept in the smaller group. 


"The following post is a SPECIAL GROUP post consisting of John and Jane.  Do not share this information with anyone outside of comments to JOHD."

THe whole reason I do this boils down to my belief in informing everyone what is happening in life.  Keep in mind, whatever I do in life I do with the thought that it could be known by the world.  The only time I keep things private is if someone else may not want the world to know about it.  So if I went to have sex with 7 women, I am doing so knowing that all people I am in contact will most likely find out that I had sex with these 7 women.  However, one of them may not want others to know who she is having sex with due to problems it could cause with someone else (a friend she knows but is not actually dating, for example).  I am not here to make people's lives difficult.  However, I am not here to forget everything I do, either, and I am not here to keep secerts to anyone I know, unless the secert is to someone else and not me.

Current Mood: accomplishedaccomplished

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[User Picture]
Date:Jan 29th, 2003 11:41 (UTC)
I have read and understood every exact word you have said.  I thank you, Madd, for respecting my personal information if I wish it be while still maintaining the Constitusional right of freedom of speech/press.
(Deleted comment)
[User Picture]
Date:Jan 31st, 2003 10:16 (UTC)

Re: Log Entry Edward-01292003-001

excellent, smithers
Date:Jan 29th, 2003 16:58 (UTC)


And understood. Had to read it three times through to make sure I wasn't missing something, but the bottom line as far as I'm concerned is just common sense... if something's not a public post, in particular with you, there's a reason for that.

And well do I understand the critical nature of trust with you, dear heart.

No questions, and I'm in agreement. WOW, that was a heck of a post! Congratulations!
[User Picture]
Date:Jan 31st, 2003 10:32 (UTC)

Re: Read...

hEhEhE... three times... sounds like you were reading something I wrote.

Some humans I know use ignorance as bliss... thus... I simply put it in writing, however you are correct.
[User Picture]
Date:Jan 29th, 2003 17:38 (UTC)

::snapping bubblegum::

umm...does that like..umm..does that like really long post apply to me? ::flipping hair::

Just Kidding!

Post read, acknowledged, and processing.
[User Picture]
Date:Jan 31st, 2003 10:32 (UTC)

Re: ::snapping bubblegum::

{scanning log book}

Aye, Jacy Lane confirmed on list :D
[User Picture]
Date:Feb 9th, 2003 21:12 (UTC)

Program complete, enter when ready...

Understood... at first the BIG LETTERS scared me off and I had to come back to this post in little steps .. vbut I do understand it fully...

I should've posted somethign liek this earlier, it might have averted the little 'security leak' I recently had with my LJ that almost fucked up Bakkus...
[User Picture]
Date:Feb 15th, 2003 11:57 (UTC)

Re: Program complete, enter when ready...

I read something like that... ya gonna tell me the full details to that?
[User Picture]
Date:Feb 20th, 2003 09:58 (UTC)

Re: Program complete, enter when ready...

basically I was havign a really shitty night and was just randomly ranting uin my journal about everythign including the band... well, a mutual friend of mine and Jerry's who happens to have a Livejournal read my entry and she thought there was tension and copied/pasted/emailed that part of the entry to Jerry and said "you probably should read this..." Jerry said he didn't want to read it, but obviously curiosity got the better of him and she kept pushing that it would eb a good idea to read it. Well, needless to say, jerry didn't like that at all... The following morning, I received an email with the copied/pasted entry and the subject line "VERY NICE MATT!!!"

I was compeltely taken aback by this, because it was jsut a rant, and I had no idea how JErry had found my journal or that he even knew of his existence... I immediately called the aforementioned friend (because she was the most likely link to this security link) and asked her how he found my journal. She claimed ignorance so I calmed down a bit but was still confsued. After a few nasty emails from Jerry, I learned from him that this friend was the cause of everything. I was not only pissed that my entry had been exposed, but also that my friend had lied to me.

I immediately tooke her off my friends list, sent an email asking why she lied and why she did it. She thought she was helping and not seeing the error of her ways.

Jerry organized a band meeting which I was VERY reluctant to go to as I was put in a VERY awkward situation. The meeting was fairly ugly, Jerry was mondo po'ed and I explained that the entry was a rant and nothing more and was not intended for his eyes. I told him that it was his choice to read it and that the aforementioned friend did not put a gun to his head... after all it was a private journal after all...
I was glad that he hadn't read my journal and wasn't interested in reading it and that Rachel (the aforementioned friend) had just sent him that part of the entry...

Things have sorta calmed down now, I forgave Rachel, but I'm really cautious abotu writing things liek that now. It's pretty much been forgotten in the band, but there is still some tension because of it, it really sucks...

that's about the skinny of it all

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