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Captin Jumping Bean - JOHD

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Jan 16th, 2003

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14:40 - Captin Jumping Bean


Mentality up = procrastination down
Forgetting = new process overlearned of forgotten behavior

I hit revolation today in Psycho of Learning.  Also, I think I am going to be moderator for quizes for the class.  At this time, JOHD, I am awaiting security level definitions from Sewcute before posting to you.  So any humans wanting updates, talk to her and tell her to get off her butt :D  hEhEhE!!  Revolation is I think I can actually DEFEAT forgetting things.  Wow, something I thought unable to do without the help of toys and children.  May not require them after all.  Also, I think I realized how to defeat procrastination.  I mean for good.  Deals with reward, punishment, association, conditioning, stimuli, practice, learning, and a few other tricks.  Most excellent.  Time for Samus...

Oh yeah, and I got a bunch of replies to JOHD and LJ comments... so anyone who posted comments up to about 030103.5x, you should most likely see something.

Now on for time manegment.

Love you, JOHD.

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Date:Jan 17th, 2003 11:17 (UTC)

{see picture}

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Date:Jan 19th, 2003 15:58 (UTC)



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