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Windshield Whipper Signs

Once again in the spirit of Sparky.

JOHD... I feel... like a new Madd, almost.  I cut my unread emails from almost 100 down to like 30 or so, mostly the ones left are LJ comments that I wish to reply to soon.  Since I have class tomorrow, I do not see me getting to them until after Thursday, most likely Thursday night.  I am once again in control of my mind.  Some times, something grabs control without my realization or authorization.  That is just not cool.  However, I always manage to find a way to grab it back.  God... thank you for the strength I have always asked for.  Some times it is nice to know that when the two footprints went to one, that it was not you leaving me, but having your Son Jesus carry me in my times of problems.

God be praised...

I love you JOHD!

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