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New Cat Paper Smell

I am continuing subjects that honor tape sessions with Sparky.  I feel... like I am going to lose it, then I come back, then I feel a bit sad, then I come back.  Then I just wanna eat a burger and spit it up since I never really wanted a burger, and then I want to run naked through the forest with people around.  JOHD... I some times forget that at some point I am going to die, and nothing done will no longer matter, whether I get the privilage of Heaven or not.  It will not because it will be a mortal world that I would have left behind.  It makes living life the way I do a lot easier.  You know, JOHD, I realize from time to time that the reason I can live the life the way I do, and have things happen bad and make it through, and interact with people and not let them hurt me, is due to that thinking.  It is a concept that I think I picked up many moons ago, and it actually has gotten me through some of the tougher times in life.  My mind... is... shaken, not stirred.  I may not get the updates today as I had originally planned.  I also have class soon... like... hour and 30 minutes, so... buttons.

I love you JOHD, keep an eye out for Madd.

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