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The journey outword...

[Madd's World Update]
-The Book
-Sign Says

     Wow, I have run across quiet a few people on here now.  Just seeked me out... er... well, I guess technically, I found them out by randomly looking at what people write and randomly posting comments, just to see what I get.  I got a few interesting things, including a nice visit to my Guest Book on my page, which made me happy.  Heck, I was even compared to Socrites.  I think that was an honor, even if not meant so at the time.  Plus I finally have my personality analyzer completed for my web page!  All that is required now is proper background effects.

     Oh yeah!  I created a community for people in Iowa, around the Des Moines area.  If you check my info, you should see I am a member of desmoines.  Not ONLY am I a member, I am the president!  I have always wanted to be able to legistically say that.  Well, I should go put my mind out, it is on fire.

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