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Welcome 2003... or Back to 2002

Happy New Year!  Piece of crap technology, a really nice quote by Gretl is lost now thanks to this stupid crap.  Grr, I should pay more attention.  No matter, now that Samus was murdered yet again.  Lastest longer this time.  There is an important update that I forgot to do, of course, there are many and they may start to hit me with help from humans and my own odd mind.  Stringray brings up a time in October 2002, so I shall relive that here.

021018.5x - 021020.7x

Foffie was arriving at the DSM airport.  As I waited for her delayed flight, I noticed a familar face.  I was... in shock, to say the extreme least.  In fact, I was so blown away that I thought it was someone else, the brain was just not going to register information for a while.  Turned out it was not the Iceman, but, it was Stringray (and frankly, I would prefer Stingray over Iceman... he is just one of the last people I would have expected to be there).  After my brain cooled down enough, I came to my senses and realized who it was.  It all fell into place now, Foffie and her big surprise she was talking about.  It all made sense.  Well, Foffie was not there to deliver the goods.  So, I got to throw a wrench in her plans since she attempted to totally break my brain open.  She finally made it here.  What did we do?  Hmm... I think we ate, but I could be mistaken.  I am sure there was no orgie, since, that did not happen until December, and it was not with two guys and a girl.  Well, Saturday rolled around and Stringray and I ended up doing some Halo and some SSBM.  Yeah, no one can touch me, mwahaha!!  We stayed up forever and a day, then, when I finally got some sleep, I was up again to take a long drive to the Field of Dreams.  It was a steady 3 hour drive.  Finally made it there, and I must say, it was worth the trip.  Speaking of trip, I think Foffie started to.  I mean, she really was in heaven.  We took some pictures, and it was a bit cold out, I could cut glass.  I got to throw a few times and we played catch, then it got cold so she went to Alex.  This was after the soveniers were bought.  I got a... something and a something and a something.  I got a few more somethings also.  I ended up playing on the Field.  There were humans there playing a game.  My first at bat was an in the park home run, oh yeah baby.  I also would score... er... I mean make it to base and... um... hey, stop that!  hEhEhE!!  Crazy woman.  Anyway, this would all cost me a LOT of pain, not being in shape and all.  Also, the in the park home run, I kind of slide AFTER I crossed the plate... I am still attempting to understand that one.  Well, after all the fun, it would be time to return home.  My word I was so tired, plus, I took a wrong turn some where and ended up taking a more scenic route.  I had to crank the Salamander music, and Foffie did not care for it, but I did not care to kill everyone either.  We made it back, and Stingray and I did what we do best, play games.  Foffie was invited but did not want to.  The problem we run into here is that she kinda flipped out the fact we were playing games, since she wanted to go out.  Well, yeah, I wanted to go out also, but when someone says they are bring a gift, and that gift is Stingray, well, darn right I am taking advantage of that.  It would have been one thing if he was just already there before she was, but she specifically told me she had a SURPRISE for me when she got here.  I mean, that may have bothered her, but frankly, it bothered me the way she was acting, so, as Stingray kept playing SSBM (since he was a chickenwuss and not logging his name), I went and stayed in the other room she was in.  Since she expected me to up and read her and her mind, I expected the same.  Never happened.  I was in here, sitting, doing absolutely nothing for a while before she made a comment.  Well, eventually, we all ended up at Ryan's Steak House, and I showed her the poster of the movie of the place we went to see.  After food, we went to Billy Joe.  hEhEhE, Stingray and I did CLASSIC Alice and Chains.  Oh yeah, everyone loved it, now, hey, yeah.  Well, Foffie would have to leave on Sunday, and Stingray would be in a big hurry to leave, but luckily when the organ came out... yeah, wrong organ, well, he would stay and jam with me.  It was actually more enjoyable than some of the video game time we had, and I really really wish he would have {sigh} stayed longer, but oh well, such is life, and it continues.

So... there!!  Tee-hee, another part of October that I actually remember... just had locked away.

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