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WhooHoo!! JOHD, looks like we are not the only ones excited about the upcoming post... finally bring us back together again, as one, the way it was always meant to be. We have... fan clubs?

jacylane (10:55:59 PM): i was hoping you'd broadcast the event
jacylane (11:07:45 PM): i've been waiting for your year-end journal update like it's the next Harry Potter book
jacylane (11:08:12 PM): i *know* you don't write it for the benefit of other people, but i like to know what you're doing
jacylane (11:09:02 PM): so, if your update can include some little house elf named Dobby....or a hobbit named Frodo...i'd appreciate it
maddmartin74 (11:11:42 PM): so what are you comments on the upcoming reading matirial, "JOHD - the Maddian reunion"?
sewcute594 (11:11:55 PM): I am excited to read it
maddmartin74 (11:12:03 PM): so what are you comments on the upcoming reading matirial, "JOHD - the Maddian reunion"?
gretl88 (11:13:08 PM): Awaiting with bated breath.

Yeah... well... unfortunately for many, JOHD, this is information that shall NOT be seen. The upcoming post has a LOT of information, all centralized in one area, for easy reading, including translation of many days. Unfortunately, must information was lost or destroyed. However, ANYONE who is on my friend's list shall be able to read the next post. It should be completed on Sunday, around 5 - 7 hours long, estimate. I AM SO EXCITED!! Some people, for whatever reason, may not have access to LJ, meaning, they can browse but are unable to check out what is posted. This past year has really seen Madd going through developmental changes, and special arrangements can be made to people who reply to THIS post. If you are a friend, I ask you do not allow others to view this information. If anyone wishes to see this information, then you can reply on their behalf, who they are, to this post. Please note this post is for HUMANS as well as for JOHD. I post it for the benefit of a realization. This realization is who Madd has turned into. One of the few reason I put JOHD on the web is to give humans a chance to understand me, as to who I am. While I have little to hide from anyone, I also like to protect people, especially those who are close and dear to me. I have always seen myself as a protector, the reason I work so well at Qwest, since I protect those people there also.

So... let me push this sync button with Dexter...

Excellent... now let us check the information sync...

EXCELLENT. Ah... yes, now all that is left is to combine the entire months together, and there we go!! All set and ready for the reunion!!


Mwahaha!! Now that I am in the natural state, I may begin processes!!

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