Madd Martin L Kroeger (madd74) wrote,
Madd Martin L Kroeger

Well now...

... fuck fake people up their asses, is all I have to say. I cannot stand people who think on thing about you and say another thing to your face. Let the Lord, Almighty, judge and take care of those people. JOHD... the time grows near... Sunday is the day. Sunday is the day I catch up and NEVER fall behin again, ever. EVER!! I tell you, ever!! New Years resolustion... kill proctrastiuncation even if i cannot spell worth crap right now. hEhEhE!! Maybe because I am slightly... um... drunk or something. Well... I shall kick procrastination in the cock, or breasts, depending on the gendar... and I shall kick my dictionary in my ass because I like to sleep with fish. {kiss} Yay Maddness and catching up, yay Maddness and living up to the challenge. Yay Maddness and dedication to friends. Never let them down, Maddness. Help to make them happy, and to ensure that their happiness is ensured. I wanna beer. Mmm... beer {drool}

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