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Bug Juice

Arrggg... darn bugs. At first, I was going to be concerned that yet again, I have been attacked and shielding has been comnsated. However, I came to the realization as to why I most likely am fighting off yet another throat attack. It has something to do with SMOKING and EATING FROM THE FLOOR OF A BAR. Okay... I am going to test this by attempting to eat something from the floor of a bar again, but this time, no smoking. For some reason, I want just one cigarette when I am at a BAR and have been DRINKING. It appears to be the only time I want one. I do not even crave it. I just want it, like, a baby wants to put things into its mouth. So anyway... smoking, as it has been examined in the past, appears to weaken my defenses against bugs. However, it only weakens. This is the reason I do not get down right sick, just a bit aggitated. The fact i weakened my defenses a bit and put a jawbreaker in my mouth from the floor of Billy Joe's... I no longer felt bad about me having this bug. I am drinking some Moch 8... so it should be murdered within the next day. That is the other thing. I found my lemonaid mix actually is better than any other product I have used in fighting aggitated/sour/bad throats. hEhEhE... I should market it. Nah, you know me, JOHD... I am not one to make money as much as just help people. I could always market it to a point I just break even AND help people. Or, I can do what I do now... just share it with others and take a loss finacially but a gain mentally. Ah, I am feeling better already! Of course, I am going out tonight and am to attempt to give one of my infamous back rubs... so... I better be careful... last time I drank Moch and gave a backrub I ended up making out hard core with my client, and she did not even remember it later {sigh}. Hence the reason for rules.

Oh, on another note... Capp appears to no longer be a mental issue. Somehow... unresolved issues appeared to have corrected themselves. Wow... just like phone service!! No dial tone one minute and just starts working the next. Problem just gets resolved. Well, that is groovy. I had been thinking about her, like, every day. Now... well... hehehe... she is back to barely being a spark in the night. I think I came to the conclution that a lot of my original issues dealt with curiosity... and I simply overcame the curiosity and moved on.

I am getting better at that. I am starting to beat my curiosity, and JOHD, that makes Madd extremely happy. I have many issues, problems, and complications that I add to Madd's life... and being able to nitch at just one of the many always is a good thing. Things I am curious at, I can put at permenant check.

Oh dear my word no... I cannot believe this is possible. My penis size has increased... not to a full erection, but just increased... and PINK FLOYD IS PLAYING IN THE BACKGROUND. THE POWER OF THIS SPECIAL LEMONAID IS MORE POWERFUL THAN I COULD HAVE EVER IMAGINED, AND IS ALSO DANGEROUS. Ah... but as quick as it was here... it is gone... no more. Hmm... let us analyze this. Alcohol has always had a lowered my sexual check. Moch lemonaid has always been... special. Pink Floyd has always kept sexuality in check. Pink Floyd, when played while totally sexually excited, even with a raging boner, as Farva would say, would render sexuality almost noid and viod within seconds. Thus there is an error detected. I think the Floyd fridgidness association that surpresses sexual desires may be able to let loose when drinking Moch lemonaid. Thus, now this is made consious, and should be considered taken care of. Oh yeah... the focus on Floyd is taken away... it starts to fade into the background... so when still consintrating on Floyd, as in actually hearing it and not just letting it become background music, that explains why when I started to "hear" Floyd again the problem just now was corrected. Okay, so it is not as complicated as I thought. Excellent. I should nbsp... oh well. I should pass out... yeah...

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