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excellent... system processes are restored to net usage... access… - JOHD

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Nov 25th, 2002

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excellent... system processes are restored to net usage...

access granted

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Date:Nov 25th, 2002 11:14 (UTC)
System scans indicated a power fluxuation some time Saturday morning. Back-UPS had beeped, lights flickered, and power was almost lost but did not. Attempts were made Saturday to get on-line but system resorces indicated that data was being sent out but not recieved in. Attempts included several reboots and a defrag of drive C. All were unsucessful, status remained unstable. Power was shut off to all major systems: CPU, hub, external modem. System was left dormant Sunday. Power was returned to systems earlier this morning before sleep, and the system seemed to return. Order of future troubleshooting noted. Reboot, repower.

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